Why Jacoby should Jagobe somewhere else.

First and foremost, if anyone reading this was an A-hole that went and vandalized his stuff well, you need help. It's football and although we are fans, we still have to respect the fact that all the players are just as human as you or I. Doubt you would want your shit torn up because you made a bad call at work.

Let me first say that I read Tailgate Andy's post and I thought it was written very well and thought out very well. I both agree as well as disagree on a few the points mentioned.

Please follow after the jump.

I'm fortunate enough to be able at 38 years to be able to watch the Texans with my dad on most gamedays. He really didn't even play ball. I did as many of you may have as well. And he yelled out loud at a bar "YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER" Ummm and he doesn't really cuss, EVER.

The point of no return on punt coverage is the 10 and not the 20. This very well may vary per coaching staff. I can only speak from my own training.

It is also a very simplistic understanding of the rules. Jones seems to lack this particular concept. Not to mention the fact that he needs to learn that running East and West is more often than not counter productive. I, from a personal level, could care less if he wins Dancing with the Stars. Go Forward, as that's where the blocking people live.

I'll agree with Andy on one aspect of his post. It's a split second decision. Problem is, it was a bad one. And unfortunately, a single bad choice among many.

From a theoretical level, the right thing to do would be to move up a few yards and fair catch the ball. Or, get the hell out of the way and start screaming "PETER" (or what ever code word is in use for said scenario).

It's his consistent lack of wise choices that make me angry with him. And from a receiving stand point he's the antonym of a good wide out. Makes catches when he shouldn't and vice-versa.

Did this single play cost us the game? No, I don't think so. But no matter how you slice it, it was a very big contributiong factor.

God's Speed to all of you!

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