Draft Ideas if Mario isn't Resigned

As much as I want to see Mario resigned this year, and as willing as I am to spend Bob McNair's money to do that, there is still a possibility that the Texans have another strategy in place. Under this scenario, I would hope they are saving that contract money in order to go after a good free agent or two, and those would be a proven WR and/or another proven DB. At that point, who I target in the draft might be a little different. Tell me what you think of the following guys after the jump:

round 1. Vinny Curry, 6'3" 265 lb DE/OLB out of Marshall. Without Mario we really need some depth at OLB, and Vinny could rotate both there and at DE. He should get starter minutes between the two.

round 2: BRB favorite Dwight Jones, WR. Hopefully we sign a good FA WR and Jones sees significant minutes on passing downs and on rotations. Depending on who we get in free agency, Kevin Walters might not get resigned in this scenario (and for the record, I am one of those that thinks Walters is underappreciated).

round 3: David Molk C. You guys have really sold me on this one. Should be a great value pick for us here

round 4: Michael Egnew, TE from Missouri, 6'-5" 251 lbs. He had a great season in 2010 when Gabbert was there, and fell off this year, and so his draft value has dropped. He isn't much of a blocker, although he seems willing (needs some coaching) and he isn't really fast, but he catches the ball in traffic, and shields off the defenders extremely well. He just needs an accurate passer.

round 5: Hebron Fangupo, NT from BYU, 6'1", 331 from BYU. He has only played football one year, but he is big, and fast. He could be a real steal in the 5th round if Wade can coach him up a little. Wade isn't against having big NT, he has had several, but he prefers quick over big, and sometimes sacrifices size to get the speed, but if he can get both, dont doubt for a minute that Wade will want it.

round 6: Adam Gettis, OG/C from Iowa. At 6'4" and 280 he will be considered too small to play guard...except in a zone blocking scheme. He is very quick, good at both run and pass blocking and could also provide depth at center. I think this might be another example of where using the ZBS pays off in draft value

round 7: Dyrell Roberts WR/KR, 6'2" 189 lbs. Coming off a broken arm injury, so he might drop to round 7. Tremendous kick returner. Maybe he can do punts too?? Reduces the risk for Manning to get hurt running back kicks. This guy is fast and has good moves, so could be the 3rd or 4th WR that comes in. Not big enough to be a good blocker, so he probably wont be WR1 or 2. If you ignore him and he gets the ball, he could make you pay on the run after catch on passing downs though.

So I am interested in what you draftniks think of these guys. Fire away.

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