The Jake Delhomme Effect

While reading all the pundits and what pundits have to pundit about, I've begun to grow an idea. This Idea is why I feel so confident about this weekends game. With all the talk surrounding TJ Yates and his ability to lead this club, I believe the fact that a quarterback that has played in a Super Bowl is waiting to take the reigns. Gives the Houston Texans a huge advantage at the QB postion, over the Cincinnati Bengals

Lets see my reasoning after the Jump

Facts are Jake Delhomme doesn't have the same quarterbacking ability that he possessed when his Panthers came to Reliant and just barely lost. He has been bounced from the Browns, and has only played in one game as a Texan. Yet I am starting to believe, that if need be. He could step in and provide the Texans with maybe that vetrean leadership needed at the Quarterback postion.

He has been on this team for quite a few weeks now, and should be starting to really come to grips with the playbook. As he was able to show case in the Southern Kentucky game, he has a good pocket awareness and was able to connect on some Texans roll out staples.

Am I saying that If Yates doesn't show up this weekend he should be canned early, no, but I am floating the idea that If the team really comes out flat and needs a spark. Perhaps Delhomme could be inserted for some vetrean presence, that all the players will be looking at if the shit hits the fan

The things that will be invaluable are this week during practice, Yates has a reliable staff of quarterbacks to lend his ear too. QB coach Knapp, Jeff Garcia, Jake Delhomme, Matt Schaub. I mean Yates has some hell-a-good teachers to learn this postion from. One can only hope that Knapp has been pushing the rookie during film sessions, and practices to get the best out of him.

When asked why I am so confident in a Texans victory this weekend, I reply with El Matadero Estadio, along with the Pamplona Offense, not to mention our Bulls on Parade(Whitest Front Seven in Football). When asked if Yates will be able to shoulder enough of the load to free up our Bulls charging down the lanes. Now I know where my subconscious answer is emanating from.

Which brings up the last part of this now becoming conundrum in my mind, Would Kubiak pull the rookie, if when he looked into his eyes. He saw, nothing there. Would he then pull the plug on the TJ Yates bandwagon, and insert Delhomme? Many of us would argue Kareem Jackson, meaning of course Kubiak stays with Yates. Pundits would argue to throw out Jake and see what he has left in the tank.

I am in the camp to be hoping and praying TJ Yates has a performance simliar to the last Cincinnati game. One where if need be he will come out and show he has what it takes to free up the other stars at the skill postions. One that will be placing all my hopes on the rookie succeeding. I hope that I never see Jake Delhomme play a meaningful snap in a Texans uniform. Yet if it were to happen, I believe that he would be able to handle himself and lead this team to destiny.

So what do you think, Does having Jake Delhomme as the back up give you more of a confidence booster then you might not of noticed?

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