Titans' hate tastes so sweet on my lips...

While reading one of the posts this morning, someone mentioned the hilarity of MCM's game thread of the Bengals/Texans. Since i was sitting in the hospital and bored out of my skull, I took the liberty of finding some of the highlights and making a fanpost for your amusement. You know how this works...

*We still went to a motherf’ing Superbowl and only lost by a yard. We’re still the more accomplished franchise this side of the Colts. So suck on that. :)

*Texans are the Titans little brother.

*Foster said being undrafted made him motivated Where was your motivation at UT? All you did was fumble at UT, now you decide to be an All-Pro. Plus you’re a Texan. Screw you

*This game makes my soul hurt

*Shoulda been us

*LOL Foster clearly stepped out of bounds around the 20. Thankfully all scoring plays are reviewed.

*I bet the Texans think they can beat the Ravens. I’ll be damned if the Texans get to the AFC Championship.

*So wait... the Texans are going to win a playoff game for the first time in 9 years where-as we haven’t won a playoff game in over 9 years?… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU——

*What's really sad is that our Titans team would probably have played the Texans sooo much better Damn tie breaker

*I hate that stupid bow Foster does, I just want to deliver an uppercut when he bows.

*WreckNTexan always trolls right before the Texans lose WHERE ART THOU, SELF-JINXING TEXANS FAN???

*Bengals fail. How the fuck do you leave ANDRE JOHNSON wide open?

*i really hate Arian Foster UT + Texans + overachieving = hurt my brainsoul

*I'm not particularly impressed with either team. Texans are just playing well on defense.

*I'd put $20 on Andre Johnson being finished in 3 years

*Watching the Texans in the playoffs makes me feel sick to my stomach.

*Fuck you Andre Johnson...but that was a good catch-and-throw. …I miss Britt.

*This just in: I just realized I am watching the F-ing Texans in the playoffs.... FML


*Oh Houston Texans, how I loathe you....

*Uhhhhh!!!! Brooks Reed I wanted you on the Titans so bad…

*wow thats gay by foster. see he has the texans logo cut into his hair

*foster is so slow....

*yeah, i just want them to choke anyway it comes

*Ok, I hate the Texans...but I want a stadium like that.

*That Texans D has been struggling of late, but man they were great all year. Even if the Texans win, I can’t really see them going anywhere. Can they beat Baltimore or New England? Doubtful.

My personal favorite……

*whats the over/under on how many minutes it will be before wreck’n texan stops by to gloat?

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