AFC South Eternal Thread #280: Professional Flopping, I mean the NBA is Back, Baby!!!!!

Hello, NFL fans!

A concept we'll be continuing ad infinitum is the 24-hour open thread for fans of all football, located in the FanPosts section of Battle Red Blog(a special thanks to Tim for allowing such nonsense for the low, low price of 2 Coors Lights). A place where football fans can get together and chat about a variety of topics ranging from football to foot fetishes. Just think of it as your favorite bar/hang-out spot where you can get to know your fellow NFL fans on a more relaxed and personal basis. The point of this thread will be to bring us, the fans of the NFL, together for some friendly conversation and camaraderie. These threads started out as a place for AFC South fans to gather, but it has grown to include fans from various NFL teams withSeahawks, Saints,Patriots, Dolphins, 49ers, Eagles, Jets and Packers fans in residence. Don't ask how that works, just be happy it does.


We've also been honored to inspire other teams and divisions to form their own 24-hour open threads. We welcome them all as part of our growing network of sister-threads, so stop by and check them out. Just be sure to be respectful of their differing rules and traditions. In short, don't be abrasive until they get to know you a little better.

Jack-A-Thread (JAT) Off-Topic Activities (OTA) at Pats Pulpit: A place for mostly Pats fans, but they welcome all visitors that are not Jets fans or actually from Boston.

APC Open Threads at Acme Packing Company: Real friendly folks who welcome everyone. Headed up byOBrienSchofieldismyHero, a crazy Pack/Pats-loving writer of science fiction and lame jokes. Aaron Rodgers"belt dance" required for admission.

NFC East Eternal Threads (bEAST) at Bleeding Green Nation: They've been around for a while now, but sometimes their threads are a bit more spur of the moment and usually filled with pics and gifs of bouncing boobs. It's a place mostly for NFC East fans and guys with a lot of testosterone, but they'll take anyone with the guts to walk in the door.

Official Community Thread at Niners Nation: They've got topics ranging football to Justin Bieber. Right now, it's mostly 49er fans, but you can help change that! Just watch your language as they have a "no cursing" policy.NOW DEFUNCT

CSC Lagniappe Perpetually Open Thread (POT) at Canal Street Chronicles: If you enjoy discussing time of possession, horror movies, desperate women, no cursing and how Roger Goodell is Satan this is your place!Saints fans o' plenty and a few others mixed in as well. Give 'em a hand getting their brand new threads going and stop by for some conversation about Drew Brees' hairline running a 50-yard fade route.

Daytime Random Live Thread/Cool Kids Club (CKC) at The Phinsider: This is a daytime/nighttime kind of thing. The daytime thread is a little more PG and has a new thread every day. The nighttime thread is more clandestine and only occurs at random intervals and at random locations after hours and disappears by morning. Kind of like the interweb Fight Club for nerdy Dolphins fans. You just keep your fingers crossed and hope you get lucky. CKC was The First, the progenitor, like the Dracula or Blimpies of all off-topic, open threads everywhere (Google it). Bow down and show your respect.

(NEW!) GGN's Thread About Nothing at Gang Green Nation: This is a mostly all Jets fan thread started byrexthejet, but they are super-friendly and will accept pretty much anyone with a pulse. They enjoy talking about Tebow, Tebow and Tebow. So, if you are looking for some Seinfeld gifs and the highest concentration of single Jewish guys on the interwebz stop by and give them a shout.

Rules of the house:

  • Nothing will be considered off-topic other than the usual religion/politics. [EXCEPTION!: SEE BELOW!!!!]NO POLITICS IS NOW A SITE-MANDATED RULE
  • Check your hostilities at the door. All previous problems you have had with other NFL fans will be considered forgotten when you enter the thread. You may encounter others who seem to be ragging on each other. Please don't jump into the argument like you own the place. Things aren't what they always appear to be. It's probably people who know each other extremely well participating in some inside-joking or friendly ribbing.
  • This is not a Game Thread! There are threads already dedicated to this, and for good reason. It's the same reason why I don't watch Pats/Colts games with my Pats-loving brother-in-law anymore. Things get crazy real quick. The Colts game threads will be hosted at The Colts Authority. Feel free to join the fun there.
  • No trolling, please. If the only thing you have to say is, "Colts/Texans/Jaguars/TitansSUUUUUUUCK!!!1!!1" you're not going to make very many friends.
  • If you are having problems with someone in the thread, please email me and we can work together to resolve the issue in-house. Our hope is that this thread will be self-regulated by the fans themselves and won't need any outside intervention. If you don't like what you see, treat it as any other unpalatable link you have clicked on in the past. Apply eye-bleach and move along.
  • Have fun! We're all fans and fellow pathetic computer nerds. We have more in common with each other than we have with most everyone else in the real world. Try to remember that.
  • Try to keep the thread "safe for work" since a lot of the threaders may be viewing from the job site. In other words, TDM loves her boss's boobs, but it would be inappropriate for her to show pics of them on this thread.NOTE: THIS IS NOW A SITE-MANDATED RULE!
  • There’s a lot of joking that goes on around here and it’s usually taken with a grain of salt, but some people are more sensitive to it than others. The line is kind of vague, but I like to think that if it is bothering someone that they should just point it out to the offending party to insure that they know where that line is to avoid future offense.
  • If you were one of the people who rec'd the previous open thread to move it to the Recommended FanPosts section, please go back to that previous thread now and un-rec it. That way, the previous thread will move out of that section, and we won't be cluttering BRB as much. Also, feel free to rec this thread to get it up to the 5 required to move it to the Rec'd FanPosts section, but please don't go above that as it makes it harder to un-rec it later.
  • Read THIS! It is link directing you to a topic that can never be discussed on this site. If you break this rule it may result in warning or banning. So if I were you, I'd read it before commenting on this site, and more importantly, this thread, as it is closely monitored to prevent it's mentioning.

Myself (peytonsurdaddy) and TexansDC from BRB will be hosting the threads. As time goes on we'd like to add a representative from both the Titans and Jaguars fans as well. You may lobby for the position bykilling a pedestrian at random being a Titans or Jags fan and just showing up for more than 5 minutes and basically having nothing better to do with your life.




colts homer died like he lived trolling like a boss, the horror, really bad pokemon references, listen you fucking douche, don’t call cass a casshole, evansville is teh bestest, is the u.s. open over yet, pud puts the lotion on your goat’s skin, squatters gonna squat, tdm’s boss, if this were my sig rip jersey would have had a fucking aneurysm by now, bam bam has a nice juice box, chris rucker deathrapes puppies, colts homer’s mom puts out something fierce, the lynx has killer cheeks, so many ninjas so little time, look at them there boobies, blackout shake is blacked out, josh groban sucks donkey balls, ptb loves the cocaine she loves the cocaine, gizz says fuck the swedes, marrebou says fuck the danes, we all say fuck the dutch, trollolololol, 504 killed jimmy hoffa, there are now two jags fans in the world let’s hope they don’t reproduce, red-headed pandas give jordann bamboo, ♫in the navy♫, any funny joke cass makes is actually dr.m, i have nothing to contribute, the tale of princess james and the weeping raptor, jamkel wants a ginger asspuppet, lynx doesn’t want jon because of his micropenis, marked is a punophile, needs less cowbell, emh has shit bigger comments than this, dick-joke madlibs, obsh is an android, fuck a hipster get a free pbr, it’s not funny anymore, now the tits we really suck, i went to the dark side and all i got was this shitty helmet, we’ll miss teh vodka collins, harry potter can swallow my lightsaber, don’t call etid matty, call etid matty, alex morgan is a ladyboy, hell hath no fury like a spazmo trolled, bam bam a word in there somewhere, my name is autra earl and i live in a trailer and steal wifi from my neighbors, we know who grandma is, ch is high as a kite, ayo shit fuck cass, emh the hookerologist, banks is forever 11, jamkel wants a blonde shitty qb, there will be consequences, no exceptions, 43 seconds is all spaz needs, by the time you finish reading this shake will have killed the thread, oh no we suck again, addition by subtraction, god fuckign damn you, suckoffluck, matty has a hard-on for sparkly vampires, jordann is screwing your girlfriend and giving asians a bad name, pork chop ho’, bitches love smiley face beads, i hope no one minds but i have no intention of facing this sober, pud likes to eat the peach, revenge of the fallen be sippin’ on that hiwskey, i’m so fucking pissed off by that fucking repost, i was michael jackson for at least a decade, semen tits, chequered past, shut your filthy whore mouth, cass fucks horses, bill polian is teh unemployed devil, i am tailgate andy and i have come to ruin your jokes, logic and other rational shit goes out the window when you enter the basement, the hatchet-faced gutterslut rides again, peyton’s locker is full of sweet salty brady-tears, gotdamn obama, barry is grandma, tdm has perfect boobs sometimes, candlebox wants cass’ body, isn is a filthy bronie, guess who is back, tailgate andy did, shake is a real pos now, marked got smoked at fantasy football

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