Thanksgiving Game Nuggets

First of all, the NFL playing on Thanksgiving is a tradition that has been going on since the NFL started. It sort of has been a professional football tradition since before the NFL even existed.

Note: Somewhere around here is where I would post a pic of the Lions Cheerleaders - but alas they have none. (No, the Pride does not count!)

The Detroit Lions have played on Thanksgiving Day since 1933. (there were a few years during WWII that there were no NFL games on Thanksgiving and maybe some discrepancies since Franklin Roosevelt changed Thanksgiving Day to the 4th Thursday instead of the last Thursday in November). Their record on Thanksgiving Day 33-37-2. The last time Detroit has won on Thanksgiving day was November 27, 2003; they beat the Packers 22-14. I do not expect that to change this year.

Since 1966 The Dallas Southern Oklahoma Cowboys have Hosted a Thanksgiving Day Game. Their record is 28-15-1.

Besides the Texans, so far the Panthers and the Jaguars have never had a Thanksgiving Day game. It should be noted that the Chargers have not ever played in an NFL Thanksgiving Day game. Their last appearance on Turkey Day was in 1969 verses the Oilers in an AFL game.

Of the 29 Teams that have played on Thanksgiving day, only 8 of teams have played 10 or more times on Thanksgiving Day: the Cowboys, Giants, Bears, Chiefs, Lions, Packers, Broncos, and Cardinals. Of those teams only the Giants, Cowboys, and Bears have a winning record on Thanksgiving Day.

NFL scheduling rules (and this seems really odd to me) prohibit any member of the AFC North from playing the Lions or Cowboys on Thanksgiving. This may be why the Bengals did not play on Thanksgiving until 2010 and the Ravens until 2011 (Thursday Night Football).

The first ever color television broadcast of an NFL game was the Thanksgiving match between the Lions and the Baltimore Colts in 1965.

Some Thanksgiving Day Cowboys Schadenfreude:

In the 2010 Thanksgiving game between the Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints, Mat McBriar attempted drop kick after a botched punt attempt, but the ball bounced several times so it was officially ruled a fumble, followed by an illegal kick. The "fumble" was recovered by the Saints 29 yards downfield. they also declined the illegal kick penalty.

In 1993, the Cowboys led the Dolphins 14-13 with just seconds remaining in a snow-filled Texas Stadium. Miami attempted a game winning 40-yard field goal that was blocked by the Cowboys.' However, Cowboys defensive lineman Leon Lett chased the ball and touched it, and the Dolphins regained possession, and then kicked a much shorter field goal to win 16-14.

So Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and here is to a Texans Win!

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