Ask a Vikings Fan - Week long edition

Greetings AFC South Champions,

I thought with a big game coming up already 6 days away that we could start a thread early to get our sights set on what a W would mean for both teams next week. With the Patriots loss last night a W for the Texans should seal up that first round bye and could possibly mean rest for some starters in their last game of the season against the Colts.

A W for the Vikings means our playoff hopes are still alive with some help from a loss by both the Giants and Dallas in either of the last two weeks. So meaningful ball is still yet to be played and here is what you should know as Texan fans.

Vikings are now 2-5 on the road this year with a 36-22 beat down of the Rams yesterday, their only other road victory came from a good Lions team early on in the year.(before they turned into who we thought they were)

Christian Ponder has turned back into Mr.Efficient the last two weeks with good management of both the Bears and Rams game. Converting on 3rd down has been a huge weakness of ours, especially on 3rd and 5+ where passing is needed to help move the chains, however the last two weeks Ponder has stepped up big time on 3rd down and helped continue drives.

Adrian Peterson. Enough said there.

D-Line- A little banged up with a shoulder injury to our own JJ Swatt in Robison. We'll find out more about that injury soon.

Secondary- For the first time in all my years as a Vikings fan we don't have the most complete joke of a CB/FS/SS combo in all the league. They are far from perfect and still give up big plays, but are extremely physical and will play the ball.

Special Teams- If we don't have the best current kicker in the league right now we definitely have the "hottest" God Walsh is about breaking records and drilling every kick he has a chance to make. He tied a record with Morten Anderson and Jason Hanson with most 50+ yard FGs in a single season with 8. He is also 8/8 on the year over 50+ yards. He also broke Randy Moss' record for most points by a rookie in franchise history with 2 games left to go.

Well I got to get going for now, but I thought I'd give you guys a little insight into our Purple over in Minnesota, I'd love to hear more about the Texans since unfortunately the only thing I've seen from them all season is the Sunday night Packer game which I lost 10 dollars on. =[

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