Texans Fans are the Worst in America

I wanted to say the worst in the universe but remembered that some soccer fans have literally murdered people for bad play.

And, I guess I can't even say our fans our definitively the worst in the NFL because I haven't been to many stadiums. But, for all the press that Jets, Eagles, and other fans get for being brutal, I can't imagine they're any worse than what I saw today. And the biggest factor is not the vehement anger but the ignorance.

I went to my first game in 2 years today and the best adjective to describe our fans is repulsive. Clear your mind of the disappointment of today's loss. I'm talking about what I saw in the first quarter when we were behind less than a score.

We had a 12 and 2 team. The number one seed in the AFC. And people acted like we were still in our 8-8 days or even worse.

No, I'm not talking about booing a draw or conservative play call. That's what I've previously thought the issues were on tv. But, for today at least, once the team was behind, the fans booed EVERY time the offense stalled and had to punt. Whether we ran the ball two times before trying for a third an long or whether we had two incompletions that led to the same result.

How do you boo a twelve and two team when they have some early mishaps, even if they've been "struggling" lately by not playing up to their previously established excellence? If you truly love the team, how do you jump ship at the first sign of adversity?

Don't give me that you paid for the ticket crap. Yes, you have the "right" to boo. But, cheering/booing is the one way you can actually affect your own team. Why pile on when they need you unless you have an ulterior motive?

My only conclusion is the naysayers are so caught up in their previous distaste for Kubiak and Schaub that nothing they could do would suffice. If that's the case, you are not a fan. Sell your tickets like you always threaten and come back when a coach and QB to your liking are in place. In the meantime, you are worse to be around than the 10 celebratory Vikings fans sitting in front of me.

Should you have some concerns? Sure, Perfectly valid. I'll debate each one in a different forum (and many of them are debatable). But, if you are booing your team early in a game, with your team 12-2 and in the drivers seat, well I don't want to hear you cheer the turnover on the next play. I don't want to hear your complaints or bitching on talk radio or message boards.

And I definitely don't want you in attendance during the playoffs. Give your tickets to someone who actually wants to see the team succeed.

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