Help represent your Texans in the Cincy Jungle mock draft

Hey ya'll. I have signed myself up to represent the Texans in the annual 32 team mock draft over at Cincy Jungle. I'm currently working on a big board with which to pick, but in order to be as thorough as possible I would like to enlist all of your help. I have my own thoughts on what direction to take in the draft, as well as my own rankings, and I would like to share them with ya'll and get feedback. If the community can come to some sort of general consensus on prospect/position need rankings I can use that to formulate a big board more representative of this little family we have here.

So, without further wasting of your time, my board.

Position Needs

1. Wide Receiver (starter)

2. Nose Tackle (starter)

3. Interior Offensive Line (starter/depth)

4. Cornerback (depth)

5. Quarterback (depth)

Wide Receiver

1. Justin Blackmon (1st)

2. Alshon Jeffery (1st)

3. Michael Floyd (1st)

4. Mohamed Sanu (1st/2nd)

5. Reuben Randle (1st/2nd)

6. Kendal Wright (1st/2nd)

7. Dwight Jones (2nd)

8. Tommy Streeter (2nd/3rd)

8. Nick Toon (2nd/3rd depending on injuries)

9. Marvin McNutt (3rd)

10. Brian Quick (3rd)

11. Juron Criner (3rd)

12. Stephen Hill (3rd)

13. T.Y. Hilton (4th)

14. Joe Adams (4th)

15. Ryan Broyles (4th)

16. Jarret Boykin (5th)

17. Marquis Maze (5th)

18. Marvin Jones (6th/7th)

Nose Tackle

1. Dontari Poe (1st)

2. Alameda Ta'amu (1st)

3. Michael Brockers (1st)

4. Devon Still (1st/2nd)

5. Josh Chapman (2nd)

6. Jerel Worthy (2nd)

7. Jared Crick (3rd)

8. Kendall Reyes (3rd)

9. Logan Harrell (4th/5th)

10. Dominique Hamilton (6th/7th)

Interior Offensive Line

1. OG - David DeCastro (1st)

2. C - Peter Konz (1st/2nd)

3. OG - Cordy Glenn (2nd)

4. OG - Kevin Zeitler (2nd/3rd)

5. C - David Molk (2nd/3rd)

6. G - Will Blackwell (4th/5th)

7. G - Lonnie Edwards (4th/5th)


1. Morris Clainborne (1st)

2. I'm not even putting Kirkpatrick on this list. I'm not taking him. Chase Minnifield (1st/2nd)

3. Janoris Jenkins (1st/2nd)

4. Alfonzo Dennard (1st/2nd)

5. Stephon Gilmore (2nd/3rd)

6. Desmond Trufant (2nd/3rd)

7. Xavier Rhodes (2nd/3rd)

8. Donnie Fletcher (3rd/4th)

9. DeQuan Menzie (3rd/4th)

10. Coryell Judie (4th/5th)

11. Emanuel Davis (5th/6th)

12. Tashaun Gipson (6th/7th)


1. Russel Wilson (5th/6th)

2. Dan Persa (6th/7th)

I'm currently planning on going WR, NT, OL, WR, OL, CB/QB BPA, CB/QB BPA. Do you disagree with my order? Do you disagree with my rankings? Sound off in the comments to help build this wonderful big board.

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