Current Texans draft wish list

The draft discussion seems to be taking a lull, probably waiting for the final combine analysis. Since I am mostly looking at guys that are flying under the radar, I actually hope they dont get noticed at the combine. I think I may have a couple players no one has mentioned yet. Hopefully this generates a little discussion

I know you guys are just jumping with anticipation now.

round 1: Fletcher Cox (DE/NT) Not much of a surprise here for those that know me. A number of people think he will be gone before our pick, so in that case I have an alternate draft below this one.

round 2: McNutt (WR) Yeah I like him this much. A couple of people have mentioned him, but most seem to want Toon. If you rather have Toon, then pencil him in, but McNutt is big enough, and has great hands. His speed is average, but his hands make up for that IMO. I think he fits in perfectly for the WCO.

round 3: Michael Egnew (TE) I have brought him up before. He is a little raw, and his numbers were down last year without Gabbert throwing to him, but he is a hard worker and has good instincts.: I think this is good value in the 3rd.

round 4 Molk (C). I think everyone would love Molk here.

round 5 Gettis (OG/C) I have been bringing this guy up for a couple months now. He is similar to Molk, undersized but very fast. Hope he didnt impress too many people at the combine, but his times were great, so he might go before this, ugh.

round 6 Dan Persa (QB) I think someone else brought Persa up, and if so I apologize for not giving the proper credit. Persa set the NCAA record for career completion % at 72.7% and throws well on the run. You think those things might appeal to Kubes? I do.

round 7: Darius Nall (DE/OLB) He played DE for Central Florida and is pretty fast. He would be OLB backup. As a DE last year he had 31 Tackles, 9.5 TFL, 8.5 sacks. I dont think anyone has mentioned him yet.

OK, assuming Cox is gone in the first (and all my dreams of double Watt are shattered), this is how I would go:

round 1: Vinny Curry (OLB) This gives us some flexibility with Mario. Move him around at DE/OLB if we sign him, or release him and rotate Curry with Barwin and Reed.

round 2: McNutt/Toon

round 3: Derek Wolfe (DE/NT) Wolfe would ease my pain from losing Cox...maybe a lot. He is undersized, but a very quick penetrator. I think this is what we are missing at NT from Cody...penetration.

round 4 Molk

round 5 Gettis

round 6 Persa

round 7: Damarlo Belcher: (WR) 6'5" 214 lb, reportedly runs around 4.4. Wasnt at the combine. So whats the problem? He was Indiana's leading receiver until he got booted from the team for violating team rules late last year. Smith has said they don't hold one mistake against a player, and would weigh the risks against the value. The value here looks like it would be well worth the risk.

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