An Outsider Scouting for FA's-- Don't Worry, It's Not Mario

Hello all and greetings from Bolts From The Blue. Don't worry, I come in peace-- I'm just conducting a little research. Over at BFTB, we're in a state of disarray over whether to draft a pass-rusher in the first round, regardless of whether the best ones are off the board, or to draft Cordy Glenn (or David DeCastro, should he fall) in light of Kris Dielman's retirement. I'm in the latter camp, but I'm not a big fan of Glenn, and I don't think DeCastro will fall to us at #18, so I've been seeking out free agent solutions. To that end-- what can you guys tell me about Mike Brisiel?

I've read positive things about him, and Arian Foster certainly seemed to have success running behind him, but there are a few red flags I'm wondering about-- actually, more like yellow flags, given his tendency to be penalized (8 flags in 13 games last season; contrast with Nick Hardwick, who he'd be playing next to in San Diego, and who was whistled once all year). So, with no further ado, here are the questions I've got!

Do you expect Brisiel to be re-signed by Houston? Regardless of whether the guy can play for the Chargers, if he doesn't hit the open market it's a moot point.

How expensive would he be? The Bolts have been active in trimming dead weight, but they've still got to keep a wary eye on the salary cap. Ben Grubbs and Carl Nicks have already been deemed far too expensive-- would Brisiel command similar money?

What's his general style of play? Is he a mauler who wins with brute strength, or a technical guy who beats his man with precision/finesse/judo/sorcery? Is he better suited to a standard or zone blocking scheme?

Can he play left guard, or has he in the past? In theory, our RG, Louis Vasquez could slide over to left and open a space for him, but that might be too much shuffling on a line that's already going through severe turmoil.

What's he like off the field or in the locker room? Dielman was a leader and an enforcer, beloved by his teammates and the fans. It'd be hard to replace him under any circumstances, but it could be made easier if Brisiel turns out to be a hard worker and good teammate-- and much worse if he's got legal, character, or effort issues.

Do you think he can cut down on penalties? Our current right tackle, Jeromey Clary, is a hapless bum who's always killing drives with a stupid false start or hold. We don't need another one. Is it likely that Brisiel will develop better discipline? (Hal Hunter is one of the best offensive line coaches in the league, but he's never been a disciplinarian.)

If there's anything else you can tell me that would be helpful, please let me know in the comments! Best of luck to you in the draft and next season-- except against us, of course. ;)

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