WR Analysis: Greg Childs Impressive

Greg Childs: Wide Receiver, Arkansas, Red Shirt Junior

Greg Childs is an impressive receiver prospect. Childs has largely been forgotten due to his season ending injury in 2011. Greg Childs has since claimed he is 100% and I agree with him. Childs shows elite route running and catching and excellent blocking and run after catch. I have two scout videos, one of his plays against Georgia and Auburn and one of his pro-day highlights and interview. On to the breakdown.


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 220lbs

40 Time: 4.55s (Combine) 4.41s (Dro-Day)

Vertical: 36.5" (Combine) 41.5" (Pro-Day)

Childs has improved on all his measurables since the combine. He looks chiseled and back in football shape.

Pro Day Tape:

Sorry I couldn't embed it but I strongly advise watching the video. The man clocked 4.41s in his 40, 14 hundreths of a second faster compared to his combine 4.55s. He also looks great running routes and catching balls. Also his interview was helpful as well. He seems passionate about the game and ready to be out on the field again. He is also very professional.

Route Running:

1:50: Childs recognizes press coverage from the corner. Excellent recognition by Childs and adjusts accordingly. He does a nice job of avoiding the press with a stutter step and gets into his route cleanly. Then runs fearlessly over the middle.

3:14: Its the little things about Childs that impresses me. Here he runs a simple WR screen. Most receivers and many other scouted in this draft have a tendency to wait for the ball and then try to make a break for the outside. Childs however takes himself to the ball and goes inside against the grain with his blockers. Its the little things like this that are the difference between 1st and 2nd down.

Overall: Childs shows an excellent understanding of route running. He can recognize zone and man coverage and adjusts accordingly. Has a good release and accelerates into his routes. Runs his routes clean and barely loses speed coming out of his break. Excellent route-running skills.


0:21: Simple go route. Good release, ball is thrown short to avoid safety help. The play is then made by Childs. Does an excellent job of timing his jump and getting his feet inbounds.

4:07: This was an excellent display of hands and route running. Watch Childs slide in between the corner and line backer in cover 3. Excellent recognition. Then the play on the ball is simply spectacular.

Overall: Childs shows the catching mechanics that I look for. He catches cleanly without bobbling, looks the ball into catch to avoid drops, extends his arms to catch the ball away from his body and can fight for a jump ball. Rarely catches with his body and has an excellent tuck to avoid swats by the defense. Excellent hands. Also no drops in the video.


2:18: Toss play. Childs pulls opposite of the run to free up the interior line-man. Shows use of good leverage and pure strength as he actually takes the defensive line-men to the ground.

4:58: Here Childs doesn't drive enough on his block, lets his defender separate from him. However footwork and leverage are good.

Overall: Consistent blocking is the key for Childs but the technique and willingness are there.

Conclusion: Childs has NFL skills now. He is extremely explosive as he attempts to recover to 100%. His 40 time of 4.41s is elite for someone his size and combined with his excellent route running and hands looks to be Childs is someone I see coming in and making an impact immediately. He has played in NFL style, Bobby Petrino system already and has seen a lot of reps from respected QBs like Tyler Wilson and Ryan Mallet. All this game film is from his sophomore season in addition to his polish. Childs has potential because of his size (6'3" 220lbs) and speed ( 4.41 40 yard dash) but also has the refined skill set of an NFL receiver in his sophomore year. Right now Childs grades out as a 3rd to 4th round pick on most scouting sites but if available in the second round at 58 overall I would jump on the opportunity to acquire Childs.

Final Grade

Size: A-

Speed and Explosiveness: A-

Route Running: A-

Hands: A+

Blocking: B

Character: A

Overall: A-, 2nd Round

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