A Letter to McNair

Dear Uncle Bob,

First please allow me to say thanks for last season. Most fun I've had watching the Texans, well, ever. Second, super job on securing Arian. That takes a hell of a load of a great many minds.

Now, let's get to the meat of this letter.

I have no business claiming to be a spokesperson for all Texans fans. I am however willing to bet my last $3 in quarters (which is about all I got at this moment) that many think as I do.

Look, we know the NFL is a corporate conglomorate company. We are cool with that. However, there's a sense of loyalty that gets downplayed in said corp.

Tha fact of the matter is we are your share holders. Yes, Bob, us, the fans. Not that I can afford to do so; but there are a great number of people within the greater Houston Metroplex that spend a shit ton of money on your season tickets and parking passes.

I don't think that we are really asking too much for a little "true" information from time to time. BTW McClain doesn't qualify as a verified source.

I would wager that the majority of fans are really angry right now. Down right pissed off to use the correct vernacular. We don't know what the hell is going on with our Houston Texans football team. This is the team we love and care about.

We all pretty much knew #90 was gonna jump ship. Can't say I blame him for the deal he got. Players know that they never can predict which play will be his last. Go after the cash where you can. I get it.

But what about us Bob? We are stuck listening to the speculations of sports radio and God forbid Everyone's Sucking Peyton's Nuts. ESPN in the event you aren't keen on acronym's. (Sorry basement dwellers)

Dollars to doughnuts bet that you wouldn't have near as many pissed off folks in your fold if you would just tell us what the hell is going on from time to time. Have Smith or Kubiak come out in a press conference and make a statement, have them say "Well, we battled our asses off last year and made some key moves. But, that may leave us a little short for a year or two in the future". If you would just tell us that, we wouldn't be so angry. Or fuck it, just lie to us! Just give us something.

I know that the NFL is a semi-secret society due to propritary information. But Dear Uncle Bob, you aren't running the fucking CIA here, it's football. Please just throw us a bone from time to time.


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