Am I the only one watching Mario Williams go off on Twitter!/bbwolf90

Between going ballistic on Jerome Solomon, making a big show about Houston not giving him an offer, and kind of looking like an ass by feeding the trolls, I'm kind of glad Mario didn't get a twitter until after he left the team. Why can't everyone never say a word like Andre.

Some of my favorite quotes:

big dawg it was nvr about them matching. The point was THEY NVR OFFERED.

hey solo, is it the fact you know nothing about the situation of the teams and myself, or is it everything you spoke of regarding a offer from the texans is completely your thought, or is it the fact when compared to a team total the numbers I had dealing with sacks and so on speak for itself, or is it that as a journalist or whatever you might call yourself YOUur reputation or image with the people in that city which it still doesn't matter, or it's the fact no one every actually wanted to give you the time for an interview, or the fact when things went good you where on the wagon but in other times you just talked about how bad the texans where..wait I got it, it's the fact u smile in someone's face and runs and talks when they aren't there for your own self satisfaction be quiet, but when he leave I'll be talking again. I see you smokkkayy . If you really want to know what happened there ask before u speak!

I have nothing against the fans out there I love you all. The problem is the ignorant ones that don't know the whole story about anything and everything. The real story u may nvr know and there's no hard feelings to the fans bc you guys don't know what happened there and I can't say anything. With that being said to all others put blood in the water and you'll see sharks! I love this game

do you care to tell us the real story? Texan Fans

are you the GM for the texans? You've changed since I last saw you!

all these tweets about me rejecting another's teams offer and going for money then you tell me what was the offer that was rejected? U look like a smart guy so you tell me?

thanks lil boy I hope I make it to play y'all and see if the luck can be elsewhere. Wish you had the chance to be in the league

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