Alshon Jeffery is better than Stephen Hill

To be honest, the title says it all. We need a WR that can come in and contribute first and foremost. His ceiling will be a luxury and we cannot expect to replace Andre Johnson with the 26th pick in the draft. However, Alshon Jeffery can be all we need from day one and has that luxury of being a possible WR1 of the future.

A lot of people are down on Alshon right now and I am really not sure why it is so strong, seeing that the negatives are based on rumors. Yes, we all saw the picture of Alshon looking overweight in the locker room. Did you see the kid play, though? I did and he was spectacular in his 2010 campaign. My interest the draft has increased every year since 2008, and I have checked mock drafts for this offseason since the 2010 draft process began. At that point there was a major argument of who the best WR in the draft was: Jeffery or Blackmon, where both sides had plenty of evidence to support their case.

This battle rolled right into the 2011 season, where slowly but surely Blackmon pulled slightly ahead. However, Alshon lost his QB when Garcia was released 5 games into the season and the start running back, Marcus Lattimore, tears a ligament in his knee. Jeffery was the target for the defense the rest of the year.

I enjoy the early mock drafts more because they are based on ON FIELD PERFORMANCE. When all we knew about Alshon Jeffery was his dynamic, game-changing WR ability, he was considered a top 10 pick. Justin Blackmon had Weeden throwing to him and Kendall Wright had RGIII throwin pearls his way. Floyd had inadequate QB play as well but that is why I rate them as such:

1.Michael Floyd

2a. Justin Blackmon

2b. Alshon Jeffery

The rest

I think Alshon runs a 4.5 on his pro day and then everyone will be saying "Oh, no way Alshon falls to us..." but i want to make it clear right now: Alshon Jeffery is better than Stephen Hill. So, right now NightOwl and I are doing the MtD live draft representing the Texans, and we disagree on this point. I wanted to get a pulse of this community so that we make the right (fake) choice.

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