There's no shame in trading down

It would be ridiculous for the Texans to trade down in this years draft. It would be like losing 3/5 of your O-Line in the same off-season.... ridiculous. It would be like trading a starter and getting oh...lets say a 4th round pick in exchange.... ridiculous. Well, maybe it's not so ridiculous. The Texans are in need of depth and young players that can come in and push the "incumbent" or "new starter" whichever the case may be. Trading out of the first round to possibly pick up an additional pick and possibly a future pick makes sense. Here's why.

First, anyone who thinks any of the top 4 receivers in the draft will be available late in the 1st round is fooling themselves. So the possibility of finding the next Andre Johnson is almost non-existent. Second, the only player that is expected to be there for the Texans that makes solid sense is Nick Perry. A hybrid DE/OLB that might be able to replace Mario Williams. Lets come to our senses. The idea of replacing Williams production should not be the question. The question is who are we going to have behind Brooks Reed and Conner Barwin in case the unthinkable happens. You can get depth in the 2nd and 3rd round. The point is that the Texans are not drafting from a need standpoint for any of the solid prospects who will be available. The only way to get an impact receiver is to trade up...not happening! Nick Perry would be a good pick; but the Texans can get more value out of the pick by moving down.

It would not be a surprised to see the Texans trade back go depth, depth and more depth. If they want a receiver; no problem. Alshon Jeffery and Rueben Randle will be there in the top of the 2nd round.

Some players to watch:

Ryan Miller - G - Colorado - 6'7 312lbs

Keenan Robinson - OLB - Texas - 6'3 242lbs

Nigel Bradham - OLB - FSU - 6'2 241lbs

James-Michael Johnson - ILB - 6'1 241lbs

Mychal Kendrick - ILB - 6'0 241lbs

Mike Harris - CB - FSU - 5'10 188lbs

These players should provide value in the late 2nd and lower rounds.

Sleeper for the 7th round (If he's still on the board???):

Jordan White - Western Michigan - 6'0 215 (4.6 - 40)

2011: 140 Rec/ 1911 yds/17TD's/ Coming off leg injury so that will scare some teams away.

As you scoff at this remember; Marques Colston was #252 in the 2006 draft. That's very late in the 7th round.

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