WRs of the 2012 Draft (2nd Installment)

Thanks for all the feedback. It is very helpful and I hope you all like this second installment. First lets go over the grading criteria

Ranking System:

Running Ability: Route Running will be worth 10 points, 40 yard dash times of below 4.50 will receive 3 points and those at or below 4.40 will receive 5pts. 1 point will be subtracted for every 10th of a second longer ran. Total Worth is 15pts

Size: 6'2"+ receive full 3 pts. 6' and below receive 2 pts and 6'1" is up to me. 220lb+ will receive full 3pts and 210-219lbs will receive 2 pts and 209lbs and below receive one point. Total Worth is 6pts

Leaping Ability: Verticals over 35" are considered proficient and receive 2pts and Broad Jumps 10' or farther are proficient and receive 2pts. Total Worth is 4pts

Blocking: Blocking form and willingness will be worth 7pts and prospects that recorded 15 or more reps on the bench press are considered proficient and record 3pts. Total Worth 10pts

Catching: I look for a clean motion, hand catches. It may not seem like it but catching is a very highly considered mechanic. Looking the ball in proper placement and movement of hands all culminate in a higher probability of a catch. Total Worth is 10 pts.

Character: Up to my discretion but I generally want a clean criminal record and no incidents with coaches or teammates. Five pts will be awarded to those meeting that criteria and five will be awarded to those who were team captains and leaders. Total Worth is 5pts

Overall: After all criteria are taken into account the sum of their grades are added up to receive a score out of 50.


Mystery Receiver, Hawaii, 6'2" 222lbs

Combine Results: 4.43s 40, 10'3" Broad Jump, 37 in vertical, 16 reps on bp

Player Report: Was a team captain and was well liked by teammates. Has no criminal record.

Film: Film shows player shows understanding of complex routes and has a smooth running style. However shows a weakness in screen routes and quick hook routes; needs to work back to the ball. Prospect Receives 8pts. Film shows that prospect has good blocking form but needs more reps as a result of a pass heavy Hawaii offense. Prospect receives 6 pts. Prospect shows excellent hand-eye coordination and has an instinctive catching style that contains mechanics that prevents drops. Prospect receives 10 pts.

Overall: Using the rubric above this receiver would receive the following:

Running Ability: Route Running: 8pts, 40 Time (4.43): 3 pts, Total: 11 pts

Size: Prospect meets size criteria and receives full 6 pts

Leaping Ability: Prospect meets criteria and receives full 4 pts

Blocking: Film: 6pts, Bench Press Reps (16): 3pts: Total: 9 pts

Character: Team Captain, No Criminal Record, 5pts

Catching: 10 pts

Overall: Prospect scores 45 out of 50 and is given an A grade.

Evaluation Process:

As there are many variables such as route running, blocking form and catching that are immeasurable, we should understand what I am looking for.

Route Running: A prospect receiving full 10 points shows proficiency at route tree (slants/angles, ins and outs, hooks, curls and screens), understanding of zone reads (sits in between defenders based on a read of coverage), fluidity (speed in and out of breaks. All of these are taken into cosideration when assigning grade.

Blocking: Prospects receiving full 7pts will show proper blocking mechanics such as proper use of hands, leverage and will also be evaluated at overall willingness to make blocks.

Catching: Prospects receiving full 10 points will have a compact and effective catch and also have an array of different catches. Prospect must show ability to catch away from his body using hands. Also prospects will be scrutinized on whether or not they look the ball in, an important yet overlooked mechanic in catching. Also prospect needs to show ability to catch balls over the shoulder on vertical routes.


Greg Child, Arkansas, Red Shirt Junior


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 220lbs

40 yard dash: 4.4s

Vertical Leap: 40.5"

Broad Jump: 10'7"

Bench Press: 19 reps


0:13: Simple quick slant pattern. Recognizes press coverage. Avoids press and accelerates for a good pick up. Good catching mechanic as well. Could have let ball fall into chest but reached out and grabbed ball. Looks ball in and then turns eyes up field. Excellent

0:51: Childs is the man in motion. Childs job is to block the 5 tech on the toss that way the offensive tackle can set the edge. Childs makes a very nice pancake block. This block was not entirely necessary as he was merely a backside blocker. However Childs showed an excellent use of hands and leverage to bring the defensive lineman down to release the offensive tackle. Nice block.

1:26: Touchdown play. Not much to it. Childs has a nice release off the line of scrimmage and still manages to get to the end zone despite soft coverage by the corner. Childs then out muscles the corner for the ball.

2:08: WR screen pattern. This is a nice play by Childs. He turns a potential loss of yards into a first down. Notice how Childs doesn't wait for the ball to get to him on the screen. He moves to the ball to create extra separation between the corner. All this culminates into the first down.

2:58: Beautiful display of acceleration. Childs accelerates underneath the slant and stick and powers his way into the end zone for a touchdown. Great play.

3:20: On the two point conversion, Childs runs a slant and out. Notice on the replay the type of separation he has from the defender. Nice catch made to with emphasis on getting his footdown in bounds.

3:46: Last Play. Childs has a post pattern on this play. He does a nice job of slipping between the corner and line backer in cover 3 and then makes a spectacular catch. I love the focus by Childs. He extends his arms out, looks the ball in and ignores the defenders around him.


Running Ability: Childs scores a 9 out of 10 for route running. I want to see Childs run better 90 degree routes like ins and outs. Other than that Childs runs smooth in and out of breaks, recognizes, zone and press coverage, and can run the entire route tree. 40 yard dash time was 4.40s and is worth 5pts. Childs scores 14 out of 15 points.

Blocking: As seen on his block in the film section, Childs can make some great blocks. However on other blocks Childs is lacking in his mechanics and thus lowers his grade to a 5 out of 7 pts. Childs recorded 19 reps on the combine bench press event and scores 3 points. Childs scores 8 out of 10 points.

Size: At 6'3" and 220lbs, Childs is very good size and meets the height and size requirements. Childs scores full 6 points.

Leaping Ability: Childs meets all criteria and scores full 4 points

Character: Childs has no negative marks and has received positive feedback from his coaches at a role model. For example after his injury, Childs refused to wear a knee brace at practice and continued to still work out hard. Full 5 points

Catching: Childs can make some pretty spectacular catches, especially with his hands. He has a clean mechanic that limits drops. However Childs' over the shoulder catch needs to be worked on to improve his proficiency on long, vertical routes. 9 out of 10 points.

Overall: Childs scores an impressive 46 out of 50 possible points.

Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech, Junior


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 215lbs

40 yard dash: 4.36s

Vertical Leap:39.5"

Broad Jump: 11'1"

Bench Press: 14 reps


0:05: Hill is in the slot. He runs an out pattern. Hill has a very nice release and blazes off the line of scrimmage. However his break is ugly. Hill shuffles into his break and loses all his momentum as a result. He makes a nice hands catch but also makes an unnecessary jump. This all limits Hills ability to reach the first down and UNC punts the ball as a result. A better ran route and a better catch could have picked up the first.

0:15: I'm not going to lie. This was a spectacular play. Hill slides beneath the safety but above the line backer in cover 2. He then makes a beautiful one handed catch.

0:36: This was mostly the corner's fault. He leaves Hill so wide open. However we see just what kind of acceleration Hill has. Hill literally barrels off the line of scrimmage. I still don't think the corner would have had a chance even if he played the pass correctly.

1:02: I like this play. Hill shows that he can be a deep threat not only by slipping behind the defense but also by out muscling the defense. Nice play on the ball. The catch could have been cleaner but the physicality by Hill was impressive.

1:30: I believe Hill had a go route. However he notices cover 3 and slides between the line backers and safety. Excellent zone coverage recognition. However the catch is ugly and needs to be worked on.

1:54: Decently ran screen route. Nice acceleration and catch. However Hill needs to go to the ball.

2:30: This is the red flag: Hill gets wide open again. I probably could have caught that and taken it in for a touchdown. Hill shows his impressive acceleration but shows a lack of a proper catching mechanic. That ball should have been caught with his hands. Also Hill turns his eyes up field before he even secures the ball and that is the main cause of the drop. Major red flag but everyone has momentary lapses of concentration.


Running Ability: I am not sold on Hill's ability to run routes. The fact that he has reached out to a trainer to work on them is nice but I want to see some real improvement. However Hill has an excellent release and can get vertical fast. Also Hill has excellent coverage recognition. Hill Scores 7 out of 10 points. Hill ran a 4.36 40 and scores full 5 points. Hill scores 12 out of 15 possible points.

Blocking: Despite it not being shown on the video, Hill is an excellent blocker. Uses his leverage and size nicely and considering GT's offense its not surprising. Hill's background from a run first offense and technique score him the full 7 points. Hill recorded 14 reps at the NFL combine and is given the full 3 points despite missing criteria. Hill scores full 10 points

Size: Hill is 6'4" and 215lbs. Hill scores 5 out of 6 possible points.

Leaping Ability: Hill meets all criteria and scores full 4 points.

Character: No character concerns. Hill Scores full 5 points.

Catching: This is an area that needs some work for Hill. He needs to limit drops, look the ball in, stop jumping when the ball is thrown at his head and overall work on catching. The foundation is there but for now Hill scores 7 out of 10 because his spectacular catch evens out his drop.

Overall: Hill is raw but still scores a great 43 points out of 50.

Thanks For Reading. I only did 2 prospects today to give you guys a sample and also because there was a tie for third. I have attached the same poll minus Greg Childs and Stephen Hill and will try to pick the favorites. I hope you liked it. Feedback is appreciated. Aloha!

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