Results from the March 2012 MTD Live Mock Draft

Well, this mock draft was crazy to say the least. Big reaches at the top of the draft, lots of crazy trades, BPA lists ripped to shreds & thrown in the trash like a bunch of brackets, you name it. Add in that I was left doing this going solo for the most part from my phone while working, which pretty much made trades damn near impossible to arrange. Well, here are the results from this mock draft

1st Round #26 – Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech
Anyone here should know how much I’ve said the Texans should take him, & I was holding to that point here. We're not asking him to be Andre in year one, we're asking him to be better than Jacoby Jones, & draw attention away from Andre. His upside is much better than any WR in this draft, & that's what I'm drafting him on. Also, for anyone that thinks I should have taken Fleener or Mercilus, Fleener was gone at #8, & Mercilus didn't impress me on game film.

Ultimate Stephen Hill Highlights (via TheVikingsworld2011)

2nd Round #58 – Olivier Vernon, DE/OLB, Miami
I wanted Bruce Irvin here, but once he was gone, it pretty much screwed me over. I was doing this draft all from my phone while working, so negotiating a trade was next to impossible. I took the guy who I thought was the best fit for the Texans defense. In hindsight, I would have traded out of the 2nd round & gotten him & another pick (or two) later. However, as the track record has shown, no one trades with the Texans in mock drafts

Olivier Vernon vs FSU 2011 (via JmpasqDraftjedi) (Look for #35)

3rd Round #77 – Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama
I had my options here. I was choosing between Chapman, James Brown, & Greg Childs. I chose Chapman because the need at NT was greater than the other two positions

Josh Chapman (via BrownsOrBust)

4th Round #100 – David Molk, C, Michigan
I pretty much had Molk pegged here, but Childs was still on the board & that did cross my mind. However the Texans need some depth at the interior OL & Molk was the best fit for a zone blocking system & there’s no other legitimate center on the Texans roster.

David Molk Feature (via mgovideo)

4th Round #123 – TY Hilton, WR, Florida International
I was hoping for Childs to keep falling, but he got taken 9 picks before this one. At this point, all my other picks were gone, & Hilton was the best WR left on the board. He’s a legitimate slot receiver & an explosive return man, everything people say Kendall Wright is, except he's a better route runner at a less risky pick. Also this pick would signal the end of Jacoby Jones in a Texans uniform.

TY Hilton Highlights (via ryderofthestorm7)

5th Round #154 – Blair Walsh, K, Georgia
The 5th round was a complete mess for me. All but one of my targeted 5th round picks were gone & I didn’t need another WR. Neil Rackers is gone & we needed a kicker. Walsh has the leg strength & potential to be the next Sebastian Janakowski. The Texans have never drafted a kicker, but there’s always a first time.

6th Round #186 – Rhett Ellison, TE/FB, U$C
I have to give Southpaw credit for pointing Ellison out to me. We just lost Dreesen to the Broncos, & while I point out that Casey could move back to TE, we still need one more if he doesn’t. The fact that Ellison can play both TE & FB increases his value to the Texans.

"Ellison is a hybrid fullback/tight end who could play either role in the NFL. He is the beneficiary of a light tight-end class in 2012, projecting to be one of the first off the board. A bruiser with a punishing frame, Ellison is a reliable blocker both inline and out of the backfield. The same reliability can be said for his pass catching skills, both out of backfield and working upfield. Ellison will likely be selected in the middle rounds of the draft by a team looking for a physical player who can bring a workmanlike attitude to the facility and to special teams."

USC TE #40 Rhett Ellison Highlights 2010 (via CaliforniasGold)

7th Round #218 – Marcus Dowtin, ILB, North Alabama

Needed an ILB for depth, & he has a lot of upside. Originally went to Georgia, he transferred to North Alabama prior to the 2011 season. At 6'2" 226 lbs, he's somewhat undersized for the ILB position, but he plays like a mad man & appears to have great instincts on the field. MTD did an entire thread dedicated to him as a late round prospect to keep an eye on, & the film really impressed me. However he does have a 2nd degree assault on his record from 2010, but for a late round pick, it's low risk high reward. I also find it unusual that a guy that's projected to go undrafted has this much film on him.

Marcus Dowtin #38 University of North Alabama (via mdowtin1)

Texans UDFAs
RB Bobby Rainey – Good #3 RB plus he’s also a return specialist. Reminds me a lot of Maurice Jones-Drew
FB Cody Johnson – Another FB to compete for the job, & has experience as a goal line back
QB Aaron Corp – Cheap #3 QB for Kubiak to teach up
OT Blake DeChristopher – Camp body, probably ends up on the practice squad. Texans always keep an OT on the PS.

March 2012 Live Mock Draft Complete Results

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