Total WR Buzzkill Mock

The thing about fans is that we are emotional. In the long run we will take wins, no matter how they come (legally) but if given the choice, we want wins in spectacular fashion. We love our Andre Johnsons much more than our Chris Myers, no matter if their impact on a win is not that different.

That being said, we have all had a really good time salivating over the idea of a 1st round WR prospect lined up across the formation from Andre in 2012-13. (I'll be the first to admit I want Alshon Jeffery @ 26) If a BRBer were to suggest grabbing any offensive player earlier than WR, the typical response is "Kubiak does not pick X position that high in the draft!" when the same can be said for WR. Fact is, up to this point, aside from Andre, Kubiak has been operating with mostly players from the bottom half of the draft or UDFAs on his side of the ball.

Here is a more realistic mock (IMO) and brief explanation for each pick:

Scenario One --

#26 - Cordy Glenn or Kevin Zeitler -- I think we would be better off considering Caldwell as Myers back-up since the Center position is very important in the ZBS and I would rather a guy that has had exposure take over if Myers goes down rather than a mid round rookie (Molk). So, this means we need more G depth and during an interview on the radio the other day Chester Pitts described the G spot in the Texans offense as a very difficult position in pass protection. So, I think Kubes will want someone at the top of the draft with the talent to push Caldwell and handle the spot in year one if an injury happens.

#58- Shea McClellin or Bruce Irvin -- McClellin is actually one of the only pass rushers that impresses me on film. I know his strength was in question after the Combine but this guy is the best white "high motor" defensive player in this draft and looks like he would be great in rotation with Barwin and Reed. If you are not a fan of McClellin's, I would not cry if we grabbed Irvin here.

#76- Greg Childs or Nick Toon or Ryan Broyles or Marvin McNutt -- Still a lot of options here. I feel like Childs and Broyles will be steals of the draft with injuries hindering their draft stocks. I look at these players and still see improvements over Jacoby Jones and a more realistic value considering Jacoby is still on the roster and I think will still hold the WR3 spot into camp until someone knocks him off AND how high Kubiak was on Lestar Jean during last years camp.

# 99- Jared Crick or Derek Wolfe -- Adds great depth, another high motor to the rotation and a possible replacement for Antonio Smith. Both these guys could even slide inside and supplant Cody on passing downs to create an even more relentless pass rush than 2011.

Now this is the foundation of our draft and I think it would be a great route. Now just to shake it up, here is a slightly different approach for those who think OLB will be targeted in the 1st.

Scenario Two --

#26 - Nick Perry or Whitney Mercilus or Zach Brown -- If Wade likes any of these guys and values them as a 1st round prospect, I would be ecstatic to add them to OLB rotation. As far as front 7 goes, I totally trust Wade after the Watt pick and the season Aldon Smith had last year.

(Trade our 2nd rounder and #99 to move up the mid-2nd round) -- Kelechi Osemele or Brandon Washington -- See the 1st scenario for OG explanation and I think using the 4th we acquired in the Demeco trade ensures we get a top tier Guard before they're gone.

#76- See WR list from Scenario One.

#121 - Derek Wolfe or Kheeston Randall or Billy Winn- Wolfe might still be here and if not there will still be plenty of options to add to our DE rotation and accomplish the same thing as the 1st scenario.

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