Could Scouting be this difficult?

Ok, lets play a game,

Tell me who these scouting reports are about?

XXXX is a player who should do very well in the NFL. He excels at press man coverage and, among other things, has better ball skills than most of the XXXXXX in this year's class.

-Bleacher Report-

XXXXXXX is a talented prospect with the tape to back him up, but he doesn't have first-round tape and is a liability against the run. XXXXXX has an impressive skill set overall and will be drafted anywhere from late first round to late second round.

-Walter Football-

Owning a rare combination of size and speed, he stands at 5'11' (he is sometimes generously listed at 6'0') and 192 pounds. At the NFL combine he ran an impressive 4.41 in the 40-yard-dash. "He might be the most underrated player in the entire draft right now," ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said earlier in April.

XXXXXXXXXXXX is not a flashy cornerback, and doesn't make a lot of big plays, but when you turn on the tape, you will quickly see that he does almost everything right, and takes his receiver almost completely out of the game. Jackson's calling card is his physicality and experience in bump-and-run coverage, he gets a good jam off the line, and mirrors his receiver very well in man coverage. Fundamentally sound, gets low in his back pedal, fluid hips, and takes good angles to the ball. Jackson though does not have the height you would want out of a shutdown corner at only 5-10. He will never be a player who intercepts a ton of passes, but nevertheless he is a well rounded corner who gets the job done. He is N.F.L ready and can step in immediately and start for any team, and has the ability to matchup up with any receiver in the league. Kareem Jackson will be either the second or third corner off the board, sometime in the mid-to-late first round.

-NFL draft geek-

OK, I left the name in the last one so you know who he is. I was not here when they drafted Jackson so today I read all the scouting reports on the guy. So help me understand, did the scouts say he was great, an instant starter and a sure fire NFL star? Were we completely blindsided by what we got from Jackson or is he a work in progress?

And the bigger question, if this is how accurate the scouts normally are, then what does it say about the current picks they are picking for the 2012 draft?

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