WRs of the NFL Draft: Rueben Randle

Hey guys, I figured I would release my breakdown of Rueben Randle. I'm sorry for the delay but here it is.

Ranking System:

Running Ability: Route Running will be worth 10 points, 40 yard dash times of below 4.50 will receive 3 points and those at or below 4.40 will receive 5pts. 1 point will be subtracted for every 10th of a second longer ran. Total Worth is 15pts

Size: 6'2"+ receive full 3 pts. 6' and below receive 2 pts and 6'1" is up to me. 220lb+ will receive full 3pts and 210-219lbs will receive 2 pts and 209lbs and below receive one point. Total Worth is 6pts

Leaping Ability: Verticals over 35" are considered proficient and receive 2pts and Broad Jumps 10' or farther are proficient and receive 2pts. Total Worth is 4pts

Blocking: Blocking form and willingness will be worth 7pts and prospects that recorded 15 or more reps on the bench press are considered proficient and record 3pts. Total Worth 10pts

Catching: I look for a clean motion, hand catches. It may not seem like it but catching is a very highly considered mechanic. Looking the ball in proper placement and movement of hands all culminate in a higher probability of a catch. Total Worth is 10 pts.

Character: Up to my discretion but I generally want a clean criminal record and no incidents with coaches or teammates. Five pts will be awarded to those meeting that criteria and five will be awarded to those who were team captains and leaders. Total Worth is 5pts

Overall: After all criteria are taken into account the sum of their grades are added up to receive a score out of 50.

Evaluation Process:

As there are many variables such as route running, blocking form and catching that are immeasurable, we should understand what I am looking for.

Route Running: A prospect receiving full 10 points shows proficiency at route tree (slants/angles, ins and outs, hooks, curls and screens), understanding of zone reads (sits in between defenders based on a read of coverage), fluidity (speed in and out of breaks. All of these are taken into cosideration when assigning grade.

Blocking: Prospects receiving full 7pts will show proper blocking mechanics such as proper use of hands, leverage and will also be evaluated at overall willingness to make blocks.

Catching: Prospects receiving full 10 points will have a compact and effective catch and also have an array of different catches. Prospect must show ability to catch away from his body using hands. Also prospects will be scrutinized on whether or not they look the ball in, an important yet overlooked mechanic in catching. Also prospect needs to show ability to catch balls over the shoulder on vertical routes.

Rueben Randle, Wide Receiver, Louisiana State, Junior

Rueben Randle Rueben Randle #2 of the Louisiana State University Tigers is tackled by Tramain Thomas #5 of the Arkansas Razorbacks at Tiger Stadium on November 25, 2011 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Measurables: *Pro Day

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 212lbs

40 Time: 4.33s*

Vertical Leap: 31"

Broad Jump: 10'1"

Bench Press: 15 reps


Running Abilty:

0:22: Out route. Randle gets a nice release on the corner. He accelerates up-field to sell the deep route gets a nice set to confuse the corner and makes his way outside. Nice route but he could have dipped his shoulders more to get make a cleaner lateral adjustment.

0:42: Quick slant. Randle notices soft coverage and has no trouble getting off the line. Has a nice recognition of the defense's soft positioning and runs underneath the coverage. The route might not look explosive and it wasn't but that's because if Randle ran too fast, he would have ran right into the linebackers. Good recognition and feel of zone coverage

1:20: I loved this play. These are the types of routes that get 10s. Watch the replay to get a true feel for the route. Randle gets a nice release and notice the fade to the inside. Randle shows a slight fade to the inside to get the corner to adjust his outside leverage. After Randle has the corner to his inside, he gives the corner a beautiful set and head fake and makes a great break to the outside. Absolutely beautiful.

2:57: 10 Yard curl route. Has all the makings of a good curl route. Clean release? Check. Head up, selling the deep route? Check. Violent change of direction? Check. Hands up? Check. Text book.


Although not shown in the video, Randle is a pretty good blocker. Has good strength, footwork and pad level. Is a proficient blocker in a heavy LSU offense. Randle should have no problem blocking at the next level.


0:16: Nothing too fancy. Randle notices the corner blitz, probably signaled it. Ran the fade-out. What I thought was a great sign though was how Randle caught the ball. Randle must have knew the safety or linebacker was going to crash into to fill the void in coverage the corner left but he still made a clean hands catch. Most receivers would catch this ball with their body to protect themselves. Randle doesn't and demonstrates his concentration and sound catching mechanic.

0:51: Nothing too special here. Just shows me Randle can adjust to a low ball without diving. He extends his arms and still catches the ball with just his hands. Good catch.

1:46: Again Randle shows his concentration. Watch the replay for a better perspective. The ball is thrown late and Randle knows a hit is coming. However he still uses his catching mechanic. Hands, ball looked in and tucked. Nice look at catching mechanic and shows Randle is willing to catch a ball even when he knows a hit is coming.

2:01: Recognizing the play had broken down was good but the catch also shows a proficiency with catching the ball over his shoulder. Also done well nice positioning and good focus.


Running Ability: 4.33 40 yard dash earns Randle full five points. As far as route running goes, Randle is smooth and looks savvy. He has an array of fakes and sets and shows them off on his intermediate routes. However on short and long routes, Randle has a tendency to take the foot off the pedal and doesn't show his true burst. This takes him down to an 8 point performance for route running. Randle just does not have the release that Greg Childs and Stephen Hill show. 13 out of 15 points

Size: Randle stands 6'3" and 212 pounds and he earns 5 pts out of 6

Leaping Ability: Vertical leap at the combine was disappointing and Randle is capable of more. Randle earns full points for broad jump. 3 out of 4 points.

Blocking: Randle met bench press proficiency. Randle is an able blocker with good fundamentals and strength. 9 points.

Catching: Randle has a very smooth catching mechanic. He rarely catches with his body and he has the full array of catches, high, low, over the shoulder. Randle needs to work on coming back to the ball however and when he fights for jump balls he lacks a box-out move. 9 out of 10 points

Character: No concerns. Full 5 points

Overall: Randle scores 44 out of 50. High Second Round


Randle really is an intriguing prospect. His intermediate route running, in my opinion is par none in this draft class. He has so much savvy and poise running 15 yard outs, 10 yard curs, posts, corners. He has an array of sets, head fakes and shoulder dips/fakes that makes him truly deadly 5-15 yards out. However despite Randle's 4.33 speed he really looks to lack burst. I've seen his other game film. My favorite route to base burst on is the quick slant. It is such a telling route on the kind of burst a receiver has. Greg Childs and Justin Blackmon simply destroy defensive backs with their quick slants. Randle can get separation and use his big body to make the catch but he isn't a home run threat on the slant like Blackmon is. Also Randle's greatest asset as a deep threat is his awareness. He doesn't flat out burn defenders but much like his overall game, Randle has the savvy and football IQ to find holes in deep zone and burn corners playing too tight to the line. Randle is a refined player but his lack of burst will hurt him. However Randle is still a tremendous player with high football IQ. Randle would be an excellent pick anywhere in the second round be it the first overall pick of the second round or the last pick.

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