If Michael Floyd Falls Within Reach

If Michael Floyd fell to #17 (I know it is unlikely, but this is all for fun.... isn't it?) I think our squad should make a move up for him. I say this because according to most trade value charts, our 1st round pick and the 3rd we got from Philly are equivalent to the Chargers pick @ #17. Of course, this whole exercise is based on the assumption that the Chargers are looking to slide back and gain another pick to help them re-tool. Here's the M. Night Shayamalan twist- We trade back with our 2nd rounder that we still have and gain back picks in the 3rd and beyond. Not sure which team will be interested in that but here's a random scenario --

(Texans trade #26 (1st) and #76 (3rd) to Chargers for #17 (1st))

#17 - Michael Floyd WR, Notre Dame

Floyd has the upside to become a top WR1 in the league, sooner than later. Adding him would be best case scenario for our squad to begin the process of replacing Andre Johnson's production one day.

(Texans trade #58 (2nd) to the Bills for #71 (3rd) and #105 (4th))

#71 - Brandon Washington OG Miami OR James Brown OG/OT, Troy

Both Washington and Brown have the athleticism to excel in the ZBS and would push Caldwell for the startng RG position.

#99 - Josh Chapman NT, Alabama

Chapman would be an absolute steal here. I personally have my doubts that he will be still on the board, but that would be an awesome addition to the Dline and he would replace Cody when his contract ends after this year.

#105 - Derek Wolfe, DT/DE, Cincinnati

Most BRBers agree with this pick. I think he is very versatile and Wade could experiment sliding him inside on 3rd down. Hopefully a future starter when Antonio Smith's contract expires.

#121 - Miles Burris OLB, San Diego St.

This dude is an animal and would fit nicely in the rotation. Of course Wade likes Barwin and Reed, but I think adding Burris to Nading and Brahman would result in a relentless group of pass rushers. Some of you might be thinking "a tad too early" but I think this kid is HIGHLY underrated.

#161 - Joe Looney OG, Wake Forest

A perfect scheme fit for our squad and further options for the future at RG since Caldwell will be a free agent after next year.

#195 - Jarius Wright KR/PR/WR, Arkansas

To complete the exorcism of Jacoby Jones. Enough size to play the succeed in the slot and can be dynamic in the return game

#233 - Coty Sensabaugh CB, Clemson

Nice size at 5-11 and 190 lbs with elite speed (4.37) and great athleticism (15 reps, 37" vert and 10'-2" broad) to contribute immediately to ST and possibly compete in our secondary.

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