My dream day scenario in concerns to the upcoming draft

Hey BRB, here is my second contribution to this amazing place, which is some how lengthier than my first post. This in my opinion (which is not nearly as educated as many of y'all) would be a killer '12 draft.

My perfect Texans draft:

1) Stephen Hill WR

I believe that a player given the physical attributes, with a strong worth ethic to match those attributes, can become great. With Andre not getting any younger, but still a top 5 wide receiver in the league, he can mentor Hill into a prolific receiver. The pressure is not on Hill to be a monster his first year as a Texan, but to learn the system. Something that is talked about is his ability to block down field, which is something that will only benefit the other reason the pressure would be off of Hill his first season, Arian Foster. Hill is a profect, and the Texans have the time to develop him into something special. I really don't want to be saying I told you so 5 years down the line when Hill is a star playing someone else, especially seeing how Jaguars have recently expressed a liking towards him.

Worst Case Scenario: Bust. He can't learn the system and does not develop, turning into Jacoby 2.0. In this case all we have gotten is a super fast 6'4" blocker, which is not a total lose if you ask me.

Best Case Scenario: See Megatron.

2) Chandler Jones DE/OLB

Another physical specimen that like Hill needs more coaching, and coaching he will receive under Herring. Jones could replace the void Mario left, and providing a body for Wade to make his next DeMarcus Ware. With the starting front seven returning (minus Meco :'{ ) Jones has the advantage of playing with a bunch of really good players that have great chemistry that will only help Jones develop. Another quality Jones possesses that is not talked about much was his leadership ability at Syracuse, which shows that he is determined to bring the best out of those around him, at the same time forcing him to get the most out of himself.

Worst Case Scenario: Can't translate into 3-4 defense. Gets lost in the rotation and cant develop the needed skills needed to be a successful pass rusher.

Best Case Scenario: See DeMarcus Ware

3) Alameda Ta'amu DT

A big nasty Mo-Fo. The fat Samoan I have been praying for. Ta'amu would demand double teams due purely to his strength at the point of attack. This will open gaps for Cushing to really flourish in getting to the QB, and at the same time fix the only major problem on the Texans D last year, runs up the middle. I know the Texans love Cody and Mitchell, but a big porker is exactly what is needed to push this front 7 into that next category above elite, that wonderous area in between being the best front 7 in the league and being recognized as being on of the best front 7, period.

Worst Case Scenario: His bad work ethic which haunts him becomes a strong reality, and Ta'amu never gains a starting spot, and just like 'Mobi before him, leaves the Texans with out much notice to due lack of performance

Best Case Scenario: See Paul Soliai

4) Brandon Taylor SS

Brandon Taylor was the hidden gem in LSU star studded defense, and because of that his draft day stock will suffer to the Texans benefit. Taylor is a man with determination, a player with an internal fire to make plays when they are needed to be made. What more do you want in a safety? I know Glover Quin is looking better by the day, along with Troy Nolan and Quintin Demps, but Taylor brings something those other don't, and that's fear mongering hits. The hits Taylor lays down are punishing and legal, this means the Goodell wrath will stay away from the Texans. This aggressive tackling has lead to over pursuit and missed tackles, but under the wing of Vance that problem can be solved. Taylors ability to read plays and react accordingly makes him pro ready and can very well turn into the best safety in the 2012 draft.

Worst Case Scenario: Can't penetrate the current Safety lineup, and when is on the field gets burnt due to lack of elite speed and misses tackles due to over aggressive nature

Best Case Scenario: See Laron Landry/Ryan Clark, two former LSU SS prospects

4) T.Y. Hilton WR

T.Y. Hilton is a flat out burner. With Hill replacing Jacoby as WR2, Hilton makes Jacoby fully expendable because Hilton looks to be Hester 2.0. Hilton can help make our special teams be just that, special. We all learned how important one special teams play can be when we played the Ravens, and with Hilton still available in the fifth, why not make it a strength?

Worst Case Scenario: Injuries due to size limitations take him out to much

Best Case Scenario: See Devin Hester

5) Senio Kelmente OG

Senio Kelmente was a tackle but lacks the measurements to defend the edges at the next level. What Kelmente showed at his time at Washington was that he has the tools necessary to be a great zone scheme blocker, possesing the speed and strength to block down field. What makes Kelmente a fourth rounder is his lack of refinement and technique. If any coach can teach an Oline man how to play, its Kubes. Kubiak can morph Kelmente and teach him how to block for foster replacing the whole left by Breisels departure

Worst Case Scenario: gets out muscled and does not gain the necessary techniques needed to block D lineman at the professional level

Best Case Scenario: See Dan Neil

6) Matt McCants OT

I know, I know... why in the hell did I wait so long to draft a replacement for Winston. The answer is simple, Butler looked ok in the past, and with the value of all our previous picks, OT could wait, and the Texans will be rewarded with their patience by drafting Matt McCants is a giant of a man who has all the measurements you are looking for when it comes to a tackle, and we are not talking about Left tackle, as Brown has proven his weight in gold last season (PAY THE MAN RICK!). McCants has the speed and body needed to go out and make blocks for Arian down field that Winston provided last season. The major downside to McCants is that he is very, very raw. He needed to be coached up, alot, before he is NFL ready.

Worst Case Scenario: To stupid to learn how to play the position at an NFL level

Best Case Scenario: See Eric Winston

7) Alfonzo Dennard CB

I only put Alfonso Dennard way down here because of his recent run in with the cops. This major deal could potentially knock Dennard into the undrafted zone, but the Texans should look past this transgression and draft a player who was once valued to be a 1-2 round pick. Dennard could easily fight his way through the already crowded bunch of lack luster cbs and even eventually fight KJax for a starting position mid season. Plus what kind of Texans draft would it be if they did not draft a CB?

Worst Case Scenario: Character issues force him off the field, ending his NFL career prematurely

Best Case Scenario: See Leon Hall

That's it, I'd love to hear y'all's input! Please don't hate me too much for it, and I'd appreciate it if mothers were left out of the insults.

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