The Texans Have a Fullback Dammit!

Why are there fans out there that do not understand that the Texans have a really good fullback? I don’t know how many times I see people making comments about fretting over losing Vickers. I think these people were not watching the same Texans I was watching last year.

James Casey was a far superior blocker than Vickers was. If Casey had not gotten injured – I do not think Vickers would have lasted the whole season. Vickers is one of those blockers that goes to where the "x" is in the play book, and even went so far as to dodge defenders to get there instead of blocking the guy in front of him. He missed many key blocks. Casey made many more key blocks and paved the way for Foster to score.

Then there is that guy (to use a Grudenism) that thinks Casey would not be good in short yardage situations. OK, give me one example of where Casey failed to make the block in a short yardage situation and the Texans did not get the 1st down or touchdown. I doubt anyone can show one. Please give an example of how he cannot do it. I saw the games – he made many great blocks.

I know I was the one who told everyone that Casey would be a good fullback last year. Most people said a lot of crap using "he isn’t a true fullback" or he isn’t a natural fullback arguments as to how he would not succeed. The only problem Casey had, was that he got injured. (of course, since he has been injured once, now there are those that will say he is injury prone or cannot hold up)

Please stop the illogical arguments. Please stop saying we need a fullback, when the Texans have one of the best in the league.

The same crap people were saying last year before the season started about how Casey could not be a fullback are being rehashed, even though he has already proven himself to be a really good fullback.

I am not saying Casey is perfect – but he was the best fullback on the team last year, and it was not even close. I am not sure we need another roster slot eaten up by a backup FB. You can always have a tight end, or lineman fill in for a play or 2 if you need a backup FB.

I know I will see the same stuff being brought up about fullback this year. The same tired arguments that have no factual basis. I am just tired of fans that do not understand that the Texans have an excellent fullback in James Casey. (I guess if he wore 46 instead of 86 everything would be OK)

It is no big deal to bring in some camp fodder - but when we get to the 53 man roster - why carry more than one fullback?

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