Mostly Positive Thoughts Looking foward Part Duex

I know I wrote one of these a month ago. However, this months news regarding your beloved Texans has been on the side of bad/ oh my gosh/say what. I'm going to do my best to put a positive spin on these strange and shocking headlines. So pour a big glass of bleach & wear your favorite Texans snuggie. As I prepare to blow you mind like some mental version of TNT. Join me after the jump for a mind-altering expeirence man.

*There's a draft in here

As the draft occured three things crossed my mind during the draft. BSPN hates the Texans and with the talent this defense has the Poe-Tentail to be a top five defense in the NFL this season. Why did they not draft {insert drafted WR here} he would be perfect for our system. Looking back on the draft It makes sense with #90 circling the wagons and eating Buffalo "Wings". We needed a strong LB to replace him and Merculis does that.

*Seau's Passing

Even though this is not Texans related this terrible tragedy does deserve recognition the man changed the game, and it unfortunately changed him. As somone who has depression it can be very difficult to beat without medical help. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. The sad thing is no-one knew he needed help till to late. Hopefully this encourages the NFL to come up with some sort of life after football seminar or something.

*Jacoby Jones is a Raven

I know this happend a couple of weeks but I still want to talk about it looking back on several comments/ reactions. I feel I alot of fans {myself included} reacted to the moment wrong. The real thing to celebrate was that this organization The Texans is no longer accepting medocracy. If the Ravens think that Jones is a viable number 3 and a return speclialist They will be in for a rude awakening.

Hip Hip Horray for OTA's

While this is nowehere near as awesome as training camp/pre-season it is a sign that football is {slowly} getting closer. While Schaub and Andre are not there I'm not too concerned. If this was training camp I would be worried . This just means our veterans are recovering and getting ready for the upcoming season.

So in short that's all I got I give you my next take after the pre-season/training camp.

Peace Love & Cookies


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