Creeping Closer to actual Captions of matter.

The off season can really feel like a grind, sports are just not the same with out the Texans being active on a weekly basis. It is nearly impossible to fill the insatiable void the off season brings to life as a die hard Texans fan. I used a nice variety of activities to supplement that void. In New Mexico it was to do many out door activities around the mountains and river. Texas it was to play Golf, Fish, Beach Time, BBQ or have Boils. Well I know Captions will never be at the level of Checkdown, or have the entertainment value of 2DH, but it was my stolen brain child, and some really funny stuff posted so some use has been made.

The Draft is like the light at the end of the Tunnel where you can just make out there there is an exit. OTAs are like the light projection that leads the way just enough so you don't stumble. Sadly I will be missing the rest of the tunnel evacuation. Missing the training camp sequence where the whole tunnel is illuminated. The Pre Season where you can start to make out the Fans decked out in Liberty, Steel, and Battle Red, and ultimately missing the team Run out while the Crowd Shouts " CUSHING" " JOHNSON" "FOSTER" " WATT".

Well Due to recent activities I won't be posting the Captions any longer. Until then here is the link I use to get the HTML code and insert the image url, for any that would like to continue to the what can be fun times The Whole Post is a couple copy paste strokes, and some minor changes like the pre jump commentary, past winners, copy paste trophy url for winner.

Make sure and rec this post, or it will Die a slow death and the Reward is meaningless.

Congratulations to our most recent Winner: Synchysi

Previous Winners: FosterChild,F22a4bandit,SoCalTexan, FreedomRide x3


1) Comment with your caption to the picture listed.

2) Most Wreck's wins. Wreck's will be tallied on Fridays

3) Weekly winners will receive one (1) BRB Trophy. Whoever has the most BRB Trophies can celebrate in what ever way seems fit. Maybe even do some give away during a BRB Box Social.

4) I'll post a comment after all Wreck's are tallied on said Fridays, saying who the winner is and awarding them their BRB Trophy.

5) A fan from any team can win, this is a contest of wits so no need to worry about singling out a community of fans from the start. We will let the voting take care of that.

Here is the Trophy for the weekly winners.


Lets Go....

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