Final 53 Man Roster & Depth Chart

It may be a little early, but since we have nothing else to talk about...

I would consider these players all but locked into their positions on the depth chart. Brooks might challenge for a starting spot.



(3) Special Teams

That leaves seven spots available to win before the opening day roster is finalized. In my opinion, it comes down to S Shiloh Keo, LS Jon Weeks, OLB Jesse Nading, OG Thomas Austin, OG Shelley Smith, OT Nick Mondek, ILB Shawn Loiseau, DB Eddie Pleasant, DB Desmond Marrow & TE Logan Brock, OLB Delano Johnson, TE Phillip Supernaw, RB Jonathan Grimes, RB Davin Meggett, NT Loni Fangupo, QB Case Keenum, WR Dwight Jones and FB Jason Ford.

I see either OG Thomas Austin or OT Nick Mondek making the team depending on how they feel about long snapping duties. Both Ben Jones and Nick Mondek can long snap as well as provide depth on the line making Jon Weeks obsolete. If they are comfortable with Jones as the long snapper, it would be Austin (maybe Shelley Smith) making the team. If they are comfortable with Mondek as the long snapper, he would make the team instead of Austin.

I think Case Keenum is pretty much locked into the 3rd QB spot.

I like Meggett as the 3rd RB and Ford as 2nd FB. It is possible they could use Ford as both the final RB and FB to save another spot.

I am hoping Dwight Jones pulls an Arian Foster on us and becomes our next diamond in the rough, but I don't want to hold my breath. He might make the team or he might be on the practice squad.

I don't know much about either of the two undrafted TEs, but I would think Koob would use James Casey as the 3rd TE if necessary. I don't think either of the undrafted guys make the team.

Desmond Marrow, Eddie Pleasant, Delano Johnson and Shawn Loiseau look very intriguing as special teamers and depth at S, S, OLB and ILB, respectively.

Loni Fangupo is the wildcard. He could impress and make the team, but either Cody or Mitchell would most likely have to be cut. I personally don't see it happening.

My guess for the final seven spots: OT(LS) Nick Mondek, QB Case Keenum, RB Davin Meggett, FB Jason Ford, WR Dwight Jones, S Eddie Pleasant & OLB Delano Johnson.

This is all based on the assumption that the FO is done making moves...which may or may not be true.

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