On the Old and the New and the "Luv Ya Blue"

If you're newer to this site, you probably know a few things about your BRB oldies here.

1. We're nationwide

2. We're fanatical about who we have as our franchise (and create nicknames like "Killa-Watt" [JJ Watt], "Philosopher King" [Arian Foster], and others to honor them).

3. This photo makes my skin crawl.


If your eyes need to be healed after the torture just imposed on them, join me and my thoughts after the jump.


Is that better? Ok, let's move on.

When Beelze-Bud left town, he took something worse than the team, worse than our Oiler players....he took the logo. That oil derrick, always synonymous with Houston, gone. Never to be used by the town it described perfectly. Large, but not arrogant. Important, but willing to take a backseat to the drama queens in NYC (I'm looking at you, Rex!) and the glitz and glamor of LA. Able to make a nobody into a superstar with the right talent and opportunity (remember Tara Lapinski). Bold enough to take on the world, but as soon as the victory is won, not letting it get to our heads (I'm looking at you, Cowboys fans!).

The Oilers logo, and the industry it represented, forever shaped Houston in their own special ways. Like how the Rockets and Astros are named for the fact we're Space City, the Oilers got theirs from being The Oil Capital of America. But they took on this town's persona and represented us....and then Memphis....and Nashville.

I guess what I'm saying is this: The Oilers weren't just the Houston NFL team: They WERE Houston. Their logo was our definition of H-town, not just theirs. And watching the Titans parade in that uniform is revolting. To the point that I want it fixed.

The same way that the Browns ARE Cleveland, the Oilers ARE Houston. What I want to see is Tennessee relinquish the right to wear it. Buy the oil logo from them if necessary, so that it comes home. WE wear them for thowbacks, WE honor Warren Moon and Earl Campbell and Bum in this way. OUR Houston Texans take over the NFL past of the town that now embraces them. WE retire #34. WE retire #1. We retire Bum Philips' cowboy hat, if necessary.

I don't want Houston's NFL history to leave. I want Bob McNair's team to hold on to it. How do we get them to do that? And don't just say "Shake it away from Bud." How do we REALLY do it?

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