Deep Thoughts, Shallow Mind......V1



Being a fan is a roller coaster ride of hate, excitement, heartache and drunkardism. (WE ARE NOT QUITTERS) I have rode this ride as have you since the inception of OUR Houston Texans. I wanted to cover some topics that directly affect this season, and contribute to the deliquency of our fandom........from a drunkards aspect.

So every on put your clothes on backerds and JUMP...JUMP..

Beer One....Preseason is like kissing your sister....Sure we all do it, but it means nothing......I personally think that this years first game versus the Panthers truly hinted at a few things that I liked and scared me. I saw plenty of good depth battles, K-Jax is slowly making the effort to TURN HIS HEAD..., Shaubby looked rusty but good on his feet, Holliday could actual contribute to the team and the two young bucks showed promise. The scary areas of play are Foster needs to address his ball control, A Ball needs a new job, redzone gameplay needs a LOT of work and Beck is ....well Beck. This dress rehearsal was sloppy but promising, however there needs to be a lot more refined gameplay before going into the Niner game. Overall very nice start.

Beer Six.....Scab Zebras are like a Blaine Gabbert sack, it is painfully fun to watch, but leaves you wanting more.......I see very bad things going into the season if the scab refs are still being used. I hate the refs that are NORMALLY used, and these scab guys are even HARDER to watch. You know that at any given snap they can screw you. They are doing one thing right though. The amount of laundry on the ground with the scabs is minimal allowing the flow of the game to very watchable, but the other side of the coin is that it takes FOREVER for them to come up with a definitive call on the flags they throw and decisions they make. BRING BACK THE REGULAR REFS NFL BEFORE HOCHULI GETS TOO DAMN BIG.

Beer 30..... umm...wanted to write more but....out of my drunkard juice....

BRB let's hear your comments on my first rant, and put your two cents on my topics.

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