What Happened To Honor?

In the wake of last night's atrocity (Seahawks/Pack), I'd like to not discuss the officials. I know weird, right? I want to ask...

What happened to honor?

Yes the officials got the call wrong, many, many calls wrong, in many more games than this one. But what happened to men being men and admitting when they made a mistake, or committed a penalty. Now I'm not saying that if a penalty is missed that that player should go over and plead his case to be penalized. What I'm saying is, own up to reality. When Golden Tate was asked after the game about pushing Shields, his response was "I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know what you're talking about." Zero respect for that kind of talk. He knows what's being talked about and he knows he cheated. He also know he didn't possess that ball.

This whole attitude of "if you ain't cheatin, you ain't tryin'" is ridiculous.

Tate is certainly not the first, nor last player to make these kinds of statements. It's been going on for years and frankly, it's disgusting. Next week if they get screwed over by some call, he'll be complaining about how they got screwed. Why not just man up and say "The ref's handed us the game there, that we did not deserve. I tried my best, but I did not catch that ball. The Packers deserved the win and it's unfortunate that it ended up like it did." Is that too much to ask?

You know what, dumb question. I already know it's too much to ask, because virtually no one does it. I did hear that after Skittles saw the replay that he admitted that the Pack should have one and then apologized to Packer fans that were near him. That's class. Switching sports, when Joyce blew the call that cost Galarraga a perfect game he stepped up and said he messed up. That's pure class. I will forever respect that man because of that. He made a mistake, we all make mistakes, but he owned up to it. He didn't shy away, or hide behind some "speed of the game" argument.

I've had enough of these athletes acting like children and crying about it when things don't go their way and then pretending nothing bad happened when things do. I've had enough of the refs saying nothing when they get a call wrong. I've had enough of the league offices backing up bad calls, just to try and save some face. I've had enough of coaches complaining on one play that their guy got held and then when their guy does the same thing saying that it's not holding. Enough of it!

All that said, I still love sports and the competition of them. And at one time, the honor. I just hope it comes back, at some point. More people need to take accountability and teach accountability.

End of rant.

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