Evan's 2012 Texans Regular Season Game Picks

This is gonna be a good year for the good guys. Literally every game this year is winnable. With that said, these are my game picks, with my explanation for them following.

vs. Miami Dolphins

Reggie Bush will have a good game, but it won't be able overcome the sheer terribleness that is the Miami offensive line. Houston wins by 14 in a sackfest of a season opener.

at Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville is going to be better than they were last year. That said, the Texans are still going to be better. MJD will give the defense some trouble, but the Texans still manage to win by 10.

at Denver Broncos

Denver will not have a good start to the season because of their schedule. That being said, expect to see former Texan Joel Dreesen have his revenge with a touchdown, and expect to see Peyton throw at least one bomb to Eric Decker that results in a pass interference call. Denver by 7.

vs. Tennessee Titans

Texans make up for losing to Denver by beating the living crap out of Jake Locker. Titans just don't have enough going for them to win this one, in which they lose to Houston by 17.

at New York Jets

I'm not sure what the Jets are doing, but it sure doesn't involve getting better. Mark Sanchez still sucks, and I don't know what the hell they're doing with Tebow. Not having LaDanian Tomlinson makes them a worse running team, too. I don't buy into this “Texans will falter on the national stage” crap, because the reality is that they're going to beat the Jets by 10.

vs. Green Bay Packers

This game is at home, which gives Houston a better chance of winning. Green Bay's best running back is also Cedric Benson, which gives Houston an even greater chance of winning. Still, this one will come down to the wire, with Kareem getting burned for yet another pass interference on a deep ball. Green Bay wins by 2.

vs. Baltimore Ravens

How many times do the Texans have to play the Ravens before they beat them? Only once more! Houston by 7.

vs. Buffalo Bills

For all the fuss that's being made about Mario Williams to Buffalo, the biggest defensive improvement they made this year is drafting Stephen Gilmore at cornerback. When healthy, the Bills could make the playoffs, but they still won't beat the Texans. Houston by 6

at Chicago Bears

This is the one team that I think Houston is more talented than but will still lose to for matchup reasons. Matt Forte will give the defense fits, and Jay Cutler is just good enough to keep the full attention away from the run game. Chicago by 3

vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville at home? Blowout coming. Houston by 17

vs. Detroit Lions

Detroit is a playoff-caliber team, but Houston matches up too well against them to contemplate losing. Jonathan Joseph shuts down Calvin Johnson and Houston wins by 10.

at Tennessee Titans

Tennessee may be the least talented team in the league. Houston by 13.

at New England Patriots

Gronkowski and Hernandez must scare defensive coordinators to death. Houston gets burned in a loss by 10.

vs. Indianapolis Colts

Welcome to the league, Andrew! Texans by 17

vs. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota is not good, but if Adrian Peterson has a good game, it could be problematic for the Texans. Regardless, Texans by 14

at Indianapolis Colts

It sucks to be Luck. Seriously, Andrew Luck has talent, but the rest of his team is so awful. Houston rests starters and thus continues the Indy curse by 3. Seriously, the Colts only beat the Houston scrubs by 3.

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