Revenge is a Dish Best the Texans: A Heartfelt Look at Texans vs. Patriots Playoff Game and Texans Fans

This year I have quietly watched the Texans. By quietly, I mean that I haven't been active on any sites; there has, however, been plenty of hair pulling/pacing/cheering/screaming in front of the TV. I can only hope that my neighbors are Texans fans. If not, I'm probably under surveillance by the local P.D. :/ At any rate, I have avoided forums etc., and the booing at Reliant on Saturday is a perfect example of why.

I love the Texans. I've loved them since their opening game against the Cowboys. And now, this year, many more people "love" them too. By "love", I mean that many others have jumped on board the Texans success train. It's so easy to be a fan when your team is winning.

Oh how quickly that "love" turned into something ugly when the train seemed to be derailing. Is it any wonder that the Texans seemed to constantly find ways to hit an even deeper rock bottom with each passing week in December? Yeah, Yeah. They're paid to play. I get it. They should be able to ignore all the negative hype. And they did. All season long. Even as Houston held the leading AFC record, they heard the media saying it was a fluke. The record wasn't really earned. We weren't beating any decent teams. We were only winning because the other team had a bad game. And still the Texans pushed on, despite being buried alive by media garbage.

Then came that horrible Monday night game in New England. I'm not going to talk about it. It still hurts my heart. And, of course, the critics all rejoiced. They finally had their validation. That ONE game was proof that we had in no way deserved our AWESOME record-and there were the "fans", garbage laden shovels in hand. Well, criticism from the media is to be expected. They've made it clear that we're no media darling. Nobody likes change, especially when it comes in the form of raging bulls. The Texans are on the rise and that's a trend that will continue.

I'm sure the Colts certainly aren't happy to see us giving them some competition in a southern division that has been theirs. The Patriots (and other AFC greats) certainly don't want some new kid on the block throwing obstacles onto their Superbowl paths. I'm thrilled that we're heading in that direction...the direction of the Superbowl (whether this year or a few years from now). Okay, so now would be pretty darn terrific.

I just wish fans would take some enjoyment/pride in getting to the post season. Our team is giving us a run in the playoffs! There are plenty of fans who had seasons that ended before it was time to carve the turkey. That isn't to say that I don't hope we put up a road block on the Patriots' path this Sunday. In fact, ...

I want to crush the Patriots' Superbowl dreams. I want payback. I want all the critics to shut the heck up. And then I want to enjoy that moment of silence with a nice cold beer. When that moment is over, I'm going to hop on every site I can and enjoy reading all the sob stories. Is that evil? I just checked the mirror and no devilish horns have sprouted yet. But every time I think about that New England game, I see a little red. I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I have to imagine the Texans are feeling the same thing, multiplied by a million. And I know they're going to use it on the field. I told myself I wouldn't spout any stats or anything like that in this posting, but I enjoyed reading this wagering assessment by Jimmy Boyd:

The Texans were crushed in their Dec. 10 visit to New England. However, that defeat actually puts them in a solid wagering situation. Consider that road underdogs or pickems that are out for revenge for a loss of 14 points or more to an opponent, provided they have a winning record and are matched up against another winning team, are 25-6 against the spread the last 10 seasons. Teams fitting into this situation have lost by only 1.3 points on average.

Houston has been terrific in revenge spots. In fact, it is 10-2 against the number the last three seasons when it is out for revenge for a loss to an opponent. It has won these games by an average score of 29.3 to 17.4. The Texans are also 9-2 against the spread all-time under Coach Gary Kubiak when looking for revenge for a loss of 14 points or more to an opponent. They have won these contests by an average score of 25.6 to 20.8.

The Patriots have had an extra week to prepare, but history suggests that isn’t necessarily a good thing. New England is on a 1-9 against the spread slide in home games when playing with two weeks of rest or more. It has won these games on average but only by 2.7 points.

In addition, the Patriots are 1-8 against the spread in their last nine playoff games. They are 1-7 against the spread in their last eight playoff games at home."

I bet on the game...for the Texans, of course.

This Texans/Patriots showdown WILL be different than the last time. We won't give up a huge early lead. We'll control the clock because it's what we do best. Watt will get his chance this time and Brady is getting sacked. We'll protect Schaub (and his playoff debut win from last weekend will give him the confidence to make some TD passes when he's in the red zone). We will give Foster room to run. We'll sneak in some Johnson when they're expecting Foster. Kubiak will call some aggressive plays. He is, after all, adopting new philosophies this week (his own words).

The Texans are going to win, and I don't care by how much. These red, white and blue tomato cans are going to roll right under the Patriots' cleated feet and knock them on their unexpecting tight ends and defensive put it nicely. I don’t want to recommend reading his trash, but Google Shaughnessy's article if you don't get the reference. Be prepared to foam at the mouth.

I end with these final words, however. No matter what happens Sunday, I'm still a fan and I still love my team. I'm going to wear my 'AFC Southern Division Champs-2 in a Row' shirt with pride. I hope all the "bandwagoners" can say the same.

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