Falling With Popcorn: Problems that need fixing.


I was even nice enough to give you a poll after all the reading.

Nose Tackle- Shaun Cody isn't the guy we need if we want to be a dominant crushing defense. Big Earl doesn't seem to have what it takes to start over him either. We need to pick up a big, strong, fast NT. Good against the run and pass, either through the draft or free agency. An elite NT to compliment JJ Watt, would consistently dominate offensive linemen, or occupy them well enough to free up other pass rushers. The other pass rushers got to really pick up their stuff.

Inside Linebacker- Sharpton is a good back up, but I don't think he's showed enough for him to start. Another Cushing like, fast paced, big, sideline to sideline Inside Linebacker would stop most running plays to under 3 yards, lead to more sacks, and have better pass coverage against Tight Ends. Which would greatly fix a lot of problems on this defense.

Safety back ups- Keo and Demps sucks. Needs to be fixed big time.

Offensive linemen- Even if any of our young WR's can get open (Posey has showed much improvement btw I admit), Andre is open while be double covered, or anyone else can catch the ball, if Schaub is be rushed quickly consistently we can't get good throws. I'm not 100% on board with any of our lineman not name Brown or Myers.

Kicker- Graham, Awesome job on that kick, which btw I for the first time did the "Kubes look away", and it worked. So I've created my own new ritual. Hopefully next year my new ritual will work 100% of the time in between the 40-55 yard range. Graham's leg is weak, if Bullock can't do any better, then please bring in a new guy. Those three points can become real big game changers, and may win a few games. Also, Donnie Jones can stay, he's done a really great job this year.

New DE to start training- Smith is getting a lil old but still doing good, crick is good for a rookie, but he's not even close to the dominant JJ Watt type. We need another rookie to start toying with.

A rookie QB to start working with- Seeing the way it opens a offense up, and Defense's look bad against them, this could be our future. Looking at this year, there's RGIII, Wilson, Kaepernick, Luck (Not as sold with Luck honestly), who have really put up some big numbers, won games with stellar comebacks, and flat out dominated other teams offensively. Schaub is good, kinda got a lot ehhhhhh at the end of the year, Yates is a good back up maybe starter, but I'm not so sold on him being our future starter. A big arm, tall (no offence Wilson), fast, big play QB would upgrade this offense to consistent new heights. With a better defense, this would make the Texans one of the most dominant Teams in the league.

What do you guys think?

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