Free Agent Options at DT

Shaun Cody is a free agent, and is also better as a comedian than a football player. I decided to take a look at some potential options of free agent Defensive Tackles this year. Admittedly, I don't have a complete understanding of Wade's scheme so apologies if I post anyone who is an absolute non-fit.

Henry Melton, 26, Chicago Bears, 6' 3, 295

Melton is probably more in the mold of the smaller tackles that Wade has generally used. He's fairly young, and is coming from a 4-3, so I'm not sure he's the best fit for the Bulls on Parade. He is a very good pass rusher, notching 6 sacks this year and 7 sacks last year, but again, I'm not so sure that he has the skillset that we're looking for, besides probably being a bit pricey due to his age.

Randy Starks, 29, Miami Dolphins, 6' 3, 305

Starks is more in line with what I think the people around here have been clamoring for. He's a superior run stuffer to Melton and has played on a very effective defense against the run for the past few years. He got after the quarterback a bit too with 4.5 sacks this year. This will likely be his last big contract as he's about to hit the wrong side of 30, but I think we could have a chance at this guy if he wants to play for a winner. The fact that he's not a huge guy means he might appeal to Wade more, although just like Melton he played in a 4-3 so who knows.

Richard Seymour, 33, Oakland Raiders, 6' 6, 317

The wily veteran, Seymour spent almost half of 2012 injured, but he's been very good the past few years on an otherwise abysmal Raiders defense. Seymour is proven in the 3-4, having been a stalwart on some great Patriots defenses in his younger days. He has the versatility to play DE as well, though I imagine we would want him to stay at DT most of the time. Seymour is up there in years, but I imagine several teams will be interested in him. I think his age favors us, as he'll be wanting to take another shot at a championship after spending several years on these godawful Raiders teams.

Desmond Bryant, 27, Oakland Raiders, 6' 6, 311

Another guy who is more in line with BRB's desire for a bigger DT. Bryant was an undrafted free agent out of Harvard who has worked his way into a job with solid play for Oakland. Seems unlikely that Bryant would be let go, but he's a Harvard man, so maybe he's smart enough to figure out that playing for Oakland sucks. He's not bad in the pass rush, and he's solid against the run. I'd like this signing, but I doubt it's within our price range.

My personal preference would be Starks or Seymour due to a superior combination of skill and cost effectiveness. I believe all of these guys are unrestricted so we shouldn't have to part with picks to get them. What do you think, BRB? Should we just get a DT in the draft, or should we try and bolster our line with one of these better-than-Shaun-Cody players?

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