Week Four Thingy

Your Houston Texans battled it out with the Seattle Seahawks only to lose after dominating them in offense 476 to 270 yards and before a franchise record 71,756 fans.

Besides feeling really bad after the loss, I was even more surprised at the wild and illogical comments that came after the game. I won't make direct quotes, as I am attributing many to drunken anger and the like. When I saw comments like we should have fired Kubiak 5 years ago or the other fire Kubiak and Schaub comments, just more baffled me than anything. Again, I attribute them to drunken anger and the crazy emotions after a tough loss.

I don't need to defend either Schaub or Kubiak, their record speaks for itself (que cherry-picking stats here for the haters). I have said that the Schaub is likely one to two pick sixes away from losing his job, and I believe that is the case. However, I watched Schaub torch - yes, TORCH the "best secondary in the NFL" (If you don't believe me, just go visit Field Gulls). I guess the Schaub's performance reminds me of the old attaboy thing.




Consecutive games with a catch for Owen Daniels. He ranks second in franchise history with 4,519 career receiving yards.


Number of net passing yards allowed by the Texans defense. The Seahawks only managed 3.3 yards per pass attempted. Can we stop the J-Jo and Kareem not playing defense well rants now?


Tackles by Brian Cushing, including a forced fumble. He lead the team besides being out for part of the game.

Interesting Quotes:

For those that say Kubiak isn't aggressive enough:

Gary Kubiak: "I thought that was important, to try and stay aggressive as a team. And obviously that ended up hurting us right then."

And - from the G.O.A.T.

Andre Johnson: "Fans are going to be fans. You have some that are loyal. You have some that are fair weather and they only come around when you win. I've been here when it was 2-14 and there was hardly anybody in the stands, so I really don't care about what fans think. A lot of them don't understand what players go through. They can talk about what they want to talk about."

During Monday Sunday Night Football, I was amazed at how most folks did not know about the free kick after a fair catch rule. Seriously - I thought anyone who has ever played APBA or Madden would have used this at least a few times.

Here are the rules:


Article 4 After a fair catch is made, or is awarded as the result of fair catch interference, the receiving team has the option of putting the ball in play by either:

(a) a fair-catch kick (drop kick or placekick without a tee) from the spot of the catch (or the succeeding spot after enforcement of any applicable penalties) (3-9-1 and 11-4-3), or

(b) a snap from the spot of the catch (or the succeeding spot after enforcement of any applicable penalties).

Note: A receiver may make or be awarded a fair catch in his end zone. If there is fair-catch interference or illegal contact with the receiver after he has made a fair catch, the 15-yard penalty is enforced from the receiver's 20-yard line, and the optionfor a fair-catch kick is awarded.


Article 5 If time expires during a play in which a player has signaled for a fair catch, the following shall apply:

(a) If the player makes a fair catch, the receiving team may elect to extend the period with a fair-catch kick, but does not have the option to extend the period by a snap from scrimmage.

(b) If the kicking team interferes with a receiver who has signaled for a fair catch, the receiving team will be awarded a 15-yard penalty and the option to extend the period by attempting a fair-catch kick or by a snap from scrimmage.

So yeah - if you field a fair catch on a kick you can try for a FG with a free kick.

Annoying : The most annoying thing to me is when a team is losing, and a coach that does not call timeout right before the 2 minute warning. It is the most effective time-out you can call to save time in a game.

Power Rankings:

Texans Defense



Nothing is superior. Suck it rest of the NFL!

Kate Upton



I am the one writing this - so I can choose what goes here. Yes, I think she is hot.




Because Bacon

The American Flag



It would be higher - but screw the government /no politics

OK - maybe the flag deserves more respect (my original sentiments were way too harsh) Still gonna leave it here though.

JJ Watt (Wait - didn't I already post a pic?)

"Shut You Down!" He was so awesome with this, he shut down the government


No, not THAT Jesus. Jesus the guy from the Taco wagon.

MSPaint Stuart Scott



I think I have explained this one already

Jock itch

(no, no photo - and you are welcome)

I hope you can see where this is going

Pick 6's

Yes it is getting lower


Because, they suck and no one likes them here


Only slightly lower than the BESFs

*Note that Boobs was left out of the above rankings because of poor arbitrary BRB rules against (even non-nude) Boob pics.

My favorite picture from last week:



Texans Vs Seattle highlights - and you are welcome

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