Houston Texans vs. St. Louis Rams: Ask Turf Show Times


The Texans and Rams share 2-3 records heading into their weekend match up. Both teams have had their share of troubles in the early part of the season. After achieving a 12-4 record in 2012, and a victory in the playoffs, the Texans [and their fans] had high expectations for this season. The Rams rose from a 2-14 record in 2011 to 7-8-1, in Jeff Fisher's first season with the Rams. With a promising young defense, and the additions of OT Jake Long, WR Tavon Austin, and TE Jared Cook to the offense, most Rams fans expected the team to build on last years success. It's safe to say both of our teams have not lived up to the expectations placed on them, thus far in 2013.

The Rams' offense and defense have both sputtered in the first five games this year. St. Louis is the youngest team in the league. Ups and downs, inconsistent play, and bumps in the road are to be expected from such an inexperienced team. Perhaps our expectations were a little too high coming into the season?

I'm a life long Rams fan of over 40 years. Patience is something I've learned over the years, especially with respect to my beloved Rams. The talent level has risen significantly during the short time Jeff Fisher and Les Snead have been at the helm of the Rams' organization. It will take time for all of the pieces to come together and for the team to gel.

I'm a writer for Turf Show Times, the SBNation site for all things related to the St. Louis Rams. I will be dropping by over the next few days leading up to the game - to answer any questions you may have about the Rams, and to ask a few about the Texans.

When I first read this, I found it hard to believe the Texans could be sitting at 2-3:

"Despite its 2-3 record, Houston has out gained all five opponents this season, by an average of 130.6 yards per game -- easily the largest differential in the NFL. The Texans lead the NFL in total defense (260.2) and rank seventh in total offense (390.8)."

Then I started thinking about all of the talented players on the Texans, again wondering how the Texans could be under .500: Ed Reed, Brian Cushing, J.J. Watt, Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, Owen Daniels...

The biggest question that comes to mind concerns QB Matt Schaub. His troubles [especially with the pick-sixes] have been well-publicized. Gary Kubiak has confirmed he will be the starter on Sunday, although he didn't exactly give Schaub a ringing endorsement (link). Why is the normally reliable Schaub having so many difficulties this year? Should T.J. Yates be the starter on Sunday?

The Texans have had to endure a number of significant injuries in the early part of the season. The team listed 20 players on it's Thursday injury report. How much have injuries affected the teams performance? Do the Texans have enough depth to overcome the parade of injuries? How much will the injury to Owen Daniels affect the offense [and Matt Schaub]?

I'll be inviting Turf Show Times members to drop in to help answer any questions you may have. Please let me know if they forget that we are only guests of the Battle Red Blog.

Here's to a great and competitive game on Sunday!!

Please check out my weekly column "Dubs' Pigskin Picks & Preview - Week 6" (link), for links related to Sunday's game, my predictions, and keys to the Rams defeating the Texans.

One thing is for sure - you folks down in Texas sure know how to throw a tailgate party!



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