Things could get very weird, very fast...

What if Manning beats Luck, and the Texans troll the Chiefs, which would mean a Texans-Colts game (after the bye week) for top place in the AFCS? That's a pretty big kitten "what if," I know, but IF it happens, what then?

Doesn't it seem like things have been overly surreal and even borderline contrived or cliche? I mean, nobody expected the Texans to dominate and go undefeated and to 100% be the Super Bowl favorite...but nobody prepared themselves for the outcomes we have witnessed thus far. Not even the players on the Texans seem to have a grasp on how this happened.

And then the Colts had to go and lose to the Chargers with an upcoming battle vs. the Broncos looming on the horizon.

The Texans should have beaten the Seahawks. And the 49ers. AND THE RAMS. But they lost, and they did it in three different ways: Domination that turned to choke city (Seahawks), an early pick 6 and no offense to speak of (49ers), and then handling the offense much better but losing the game on special teams and inexplicably poor defensive showing (Rams). So now, the only thing to top all of this is for the Texans to somehow win vs. the Chiefs and find themselves facing the Colts two weeks later with a shot at total redemption. Just. Like. That. Things could get weird.

Because the template is widely accepted: The Texans are done. Gary is done. Matt is done. And everyone, even the most ardent "diehard fans," have announced that the Texans are indeed very, very broken to some degree. They are TOO broken. And yet, there is wiggle room in this hangman's noose of our own making. It's like someone is trying to help us's setting itself up to be a pal stashing a pistol in the outhouse, and Gary blasting his way out of Lincoln, NM (Arrowhead Stadium) with his Regulators, or the trap door swinging open but the hangman mis-figured the rope length or the knot was botched and our neck doesn't snap and we dangle there, gruesomely choking to death rather than a swift death. It's one of those two situations, to me, and all we can do is sit and watch.

And yet, even if the impossible becomes reality, does it really matter? Why are we seemingly always caught in some type of twisted melodrama with this head coach. With Capers, there were so many glaring problems that you didn't have to speculate too much to figure out that he had a poorly built team (the result of many reasons, btw) but with Gary you can never accurately and definitively say it's this thing, or the other. And so the best you can do is really combine everything and say it's a long, complex formula that only the man who made this problem can solve it. And the general consensus is that he probably can't solve it before time runs out.

Is he in some dark, twisted dance with fate and we're all along for the unpredictable ride toward some crazy, often-told Super Bowl storyline of how nobody figured he and his team could recover and win it all. Or are we witnessing just another in a long series of stays of execution, this team literally finding ways to write letters to the Governor, be granted a new trial, and then only to find out that there's suddenly new information and evidence that further indicts Gary...sealing his fate once and for all? You wrote the letters, you advocated for him, you protested in front of the court house, and yet it all boils down to the concept of guilt beyond the shadow of a doubt. Which is it? Ecstasy or despair?

Because IF the Texans win and the Colts and Titans lose (which is possible for them and not entirely impossible for us) things could get weird in a hurry. It would easily be the one-upping of this year's Peyton Slobberfest because it's the comeback story, the redemption story, and it has too many moving parts to not be the "it" storyline of the NFL.

And if that happens, week 9 becomes the biggest game of the NFL season to date. It becomes a watershed moment where the new kid on the block takes control of the AFCS turf, or the wily veterans hold him off for another day down the road. I can't think of anything better than for such a showdown to occur in week 9.

So tell me, what's your opinion when you factor into this mess that anything is possible in the NFL at this stage of the regular season? Is it wishful thinking, or is there that "chance" that it can happen?

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