Houston Texans Snap Count Report: Week 6 - Graham, Griffin, And Keo Up But Not Useful

"Hope is a good thing...maybe the best of things." - Bob Levey

After a players-only meeting, an impromptu talking-to by the coach and three disappointing losses, here's how the Houston Texans deployed their roster in last Sunday's loss versus the St. Louis Rams.


Name Position O Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
M Schaub QB 42 / 55 0
T Yates QB 34 / 45 0
W Smith G 69 / 91 12
D Brown T 69 / 91 12
D Newton T 57 / 75 12
R Harris T 29 / 38 12
B Brooks G 76 / 100 12
C Myers T 76 / 100 0
A Johnson WR 58 / 76 0
D Hopkins WR 61 / 80 0
G Graham TE 66 / 87 16
A Foster RB 56 / 74 0
B Tate RB 20 / 26 0
G Jones FB 32 / 42 32
L Jean WR 12 / 16 8
K Martin WR 13 / 17 12
D Posey WR 26 / 34 20
R Griffin TE 33 / 43 76
B Jones CB 7 / 9 40

I've included quarterback snaps for the first time because it's actually relevant now. Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates received a similar amount of snaps last week but they produced not-so-similar results. I don't think it's fair to Yates to look at his performance and say, "Well, there's Yates. Are you happy now?"

vs STL / 10.13.13 Passing Under Pressure
Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT Sack Yds Lost RT
T.J. Yates 12 17 70.0 98 0 2 2 7 45.3
Matt Schaub 15 21 71 186 0 0 3 10 98.5

We often hear how a backup quarterback rarely gets any time with the first team during practice, so I'm not giving up on whatever shred of potential Yates might possess in the future. In either case, quarterback might be the least of our worries with the way the team has played.

How about Garrett Graham getting a ton of snaps and only four targets? Two of those targets were on Yates' interceptions. Coinicidence? There's no doubt that teams are keying in on the tight ends and forcing Schaub to look elsewhere and deeper down the field. Until Schaub (or Yates) can start making them pay for that, we'll keep seeing more of the same.


Name Position D Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
D Manning FS 30 / 71 28
K Jackson CB 39 / 93 20
B Reed LB 39 / 93 24
J Watt DE 39 / 93 24
J Joseph CB 38 / 90 4
S Keo FS 13 / 31 88
B Cushing LB 37 / 88 24
W Mercilus LB 39 / 93 24
A Smith DE 29 / 69 20
J Crick DE 13 / 31 64
B McCain CB 6 / 14 44
D Swearinger DB 9 / 21 72
J Mays LB 31 / 74 20
E Mitchell NT 30 / 71 24
T McClain DT 11 / 26 4
W Jefferson LB 3 / 7 24
T Dobbins LB 1 / 2 65
J Tuggle LB 3 / 7 64
E Pleasant DB 60
B Braman LB 3 / 7 64
B Harris CB 3 / 7 48

With the Rams using plenty of 12 and 21 personnel to run the ball, Joe Mays and Earl Mitchell got a heavy percentage of the defense's snaps, leaving Brice McCain and D.J. Swearinger on the bench more than normal.

The Texans held the Rams to 99 yards rushing on 25 attempts with no touchdowns, but it opened up plenty of play-action opportunities in the red zone for Sam Bradford.  Bradford finished with three touchdown passes and 117 yards through the air on just 17 throws.  The Texans could not generate enough pressure to sack Bradford the whole day, though they did manage to hit him three times. The inconsistency of the pass rush continues to be a problem for the Texans.

Speaking of which, there's still no rotation at outside linebacker. Willie Jefferson generated some buzz amongst fans during the preseason but not with any coaches, apparently. The loss of rookie Trevardo Williams and Sam Montgomery's inability to convert to OLB has held the team back there.

Last note:  Back in Week 1, I marveled at the fact that Shiloh Keo was practically invisible on defense and credited Wade Phillips and perhaps a bit of growth on Keo's part as the reason we never saw him get torched. Now that our pricey player-coach Ed Reed has replaced him, the free safety spot remains invisible.  That's not a good thing. So often we see Kareem Jackson or Johnathan Joseph streaking down the sideline alone against a receiver; that's where we were hoping to see Reed shine, but it hasn't happened yet. Meanwhile in Detroit... never mind.

These are just a few of my thoughts, so let us hear yours. Who would you rather see replace Danieal Manning-- Swearinger or Shiloh Keo? Will the Texans ever use a third WR consistently? How many more blowout losses can your liver take? Sound off in the comments.

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