To Tank or Not to Tank.



About a 2 or 3 weeks ago I was sitting at my computer finishing off some college work just before I headed to bed. To me Twitter is a terrific invention in terms of getting breaking news first. Stories are no longer broken on TV or in newspapers they are broken on Twitter it's just the way of the world. It's also why I have Twitter open at all times whenever i'm on my computer. So just before I turn off my CPU and go to bed I check Twitter and see this tweet from Adam Schefter:

Soon after I see confirmation coming in from Breer, Darlington, Rapoport and La Canfora. In the days that followed after the trade a lot of people including myself were focused on the fact that the trade had happened in only the second week and it was a blatant attempt by Mike Lombardi to scrap the season in favour for trying to acquire draft picks so they could draft a QB that isn't Brandon Weeden. For the next three weeks the rest of the Browns(specifically the defense) decided to give a massive FU to Mike Lombardi for trying to ruin their season only two weeks in. However due to the injury to Brian Hoyer it is unlikely that the Browns will make a recover and make the playoffs(and if they did it's extremely unlikely they'd get far into the post-season). So what's worse is that this 3 week mini FU could result in hurting the Browns chances of landing a high enough pick to snag the best QB in the class.

Why is the relevant do you ask? Because right now the Texans are in the same situation as the Browns. Let's face it the Texans are not in a great position of strength now. I think it's been well chronicled the amount of problems this team faces right now. Much like the Browns, The Texans posses a talented defense with studs and various positions but have issues with depth and strength at certain positions. The Texans much like the Browns have studs at various skill positions on offense. The Problem that links both franchises in particular is that of QB. Both teams are both fielding the second choices right now and in terms of their future they both are looking at the draft to find their future QB.

For the Texans in particular I think it's imperative that the Texans begin this tanking process immediately and the Texans do not stutter or dither when it comes to making the decision. By all means use the rest of the season as a chance to find out if some of the fringe players you have drafted can actually perform well at the NFL level. But everything considered to attempt a comeback in this season our defense would have to perform better than it's previous best, Arian Foster and the offensive line would suddenly have to return to 2010 form, T.J Yates or Case Keenum would have to play to roughly 09 version of Matt Schaub.

However anybody who is a realist will look at the situation and consider what the next step for this franchise is, rather than pray for this miracle. Considering we already have a good defense that borders on great at times, a top 5 RB, 2 good/great WR's, 2 solid TE's and a O-line that has potential. When you look at the Texans weaknesses(QB,ILB,S,RT) how many of those position can influence the Texans to the point where they can get move further than they have the previous two years. Out of those 4 positions listed how many influence the game more than a QB? Also of all the positions to tank for a QB is generally considered the best due to the upside a team with a good/great QB can have. Take teams like the Saints and Packers who have QB's that are good enough to carry teams that have less than great parts in other areas of the field.

Think about it. How many times have you ever seen a S, ILB or RT drastically change the fortunes of a franchise? It's a simple as this. As for the prospect of what QB goes where it's extremely difficult this early to distinguish the difference between the top guy in Bridgewater who could have the potential to be the next great pocket passer or we could land a Marcus Mariota or Brett Hundley who have the potential to be the next dual threat monsters that are so beloved by the media today.

The Texans face some difficult decision's within the coming weeks. For the sake of the franchise going forward. All of us fans have(for me) have got to hope that we decide with the long term option.

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