Observations from my first ever NFL game.

So this is going to be a glorified journal entry but it was a great time and I got some things to vent/share.

First off, Arrowhead is awesome. I got there early and I noticed a LOT of Texans fans were present so you guys that made it were awesome. we had a pretty good showing of support. I was sitting 7 rows up behind the Texans bench. First NFL game... I was in heaven (and JJ Christ was RIGHT in front of me pacing like a caged beast). Before the game, Rick Smith was shaking some hands with Texans fans so I made my way down there as he was leaving and I shouted his name. He turned around and came over and shook my hand (A+ Handshake btw. we nailed it just sayin) and we actually talked a little bit. I already liked the guy but the dude is awesome. I'm glad we got him.

Keenum was brilliant. He had his rookie moments, but he didnt have the rookie jitters. The only issue i really saw was less than perfect ball placement on some passes and lack of awareness that led to some untimely sacks (Dodging people and forgetting theyre behind him) I literally squealed when he rolled all the way out, juked the guy and ran back across and heaved it over the middle. It's something I havent seen from Houston for a long time.

Ed Reed... my god. I had seats 7 rows up close to midfield. I saw pretty much everything close up.

Ed Reed needs to go, or he needs to keep rehabbing til he gets better. There is no middle ground. Either he is still working through injury rehab or he has lost more than a step. It was the most uninspired performance i've seen from a legend. Go watch film, I dont think he had more than a couple tackles and thats it, and those tackles were both pushes out of bounds. He missed BAD on a few tackles, and what I hated the most was when he's second to the point of contact, instead of wrapping and driving, he would see if he could get his hands on the ball, he couldnt, and then he'd watch the pile go. I'm not exaggerating. He's looked slow and indecisive. Just truly awful at tackling however. Keo came in and played pretty well, in all honesty.

Also that "Wily Vet" move he tried to pull by jumping the snap on the blitz really didnt pan out, in fact it continued a drive that would go all the way down the field, as I believe it led to a first down.

Sorry for the rant but he was really disappointing. I liked Keo and Swearinger better.. Speaking of which,

Swearinger hits like a train. The first run of the game DJ came flying in and waxed Charles in the hole. As far as a box safety goes, I think we got a lot of promise there.

Brice McCain really has fallen from years past as the "amazing nickel corner". He's not Frenchy bad but he cant tackle and his coverage is pretty spotty.

The majority of our yards against us came on missed tackles. Smith hardly threw anything more than 5 yards. The rest was YAC on broken tackles. Im lookin at you Ed and Brice.

I was alarmed at the amount of hate and taunting that KC's crowd dished out when Texans got injured. I dont think it's representative of the general fanbase but it was pretty classless.

After seeing Cushing, Watt, Foster, and Duane Brown all go down with injuries in one game, i cannot be more happy about the bye week we get..

Thats what I had on my mind! lets see if we can turn things around with an extra week off! We did a lot better with turnovers and we played them very close despite a limited offense. Its frustrating being 2-5 with a very talented team :(

Go Texans!

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