Great Game Guys

Hey BattleRedBlog, I am going to tell you my thoughts on the game this weekend against the Chiefs. First off, I just want to stand up and clap for the Houston Texans who finally played a game this year well. I think we went to Kansas City, with no expectations and almost won. Case Keenum made his NFL debut, and I can not put it into words how proud of him I am. He was my favorite college football player ever, and he delivered. I think that Brian Cushing's injury hurt, but it is not going to matter too much. We just need to come to the realization that we just aren't going to make the playoffs this year guys. Now let's get to what exactly happened in the game itself.

Beginning Thoughts

We came out very strong to start this game. We got a stop on defense on the first drive of the Chiefs. Then, we come back we are moving the ball down the field. Those words did just go through my head. We actually moved the ball, and we actually threw it. On 3rd down, we made it and on another 3rd down, if Garrett Graham catches that pass, this is a different game. He doesn't and we take the three points. I was a little sad, because it really showed the woes of the Texans this year. It showed that we just don't have someone who is consistently making plays when it counts. Then Kansas City got the ball back, and scored, showing some gaps in the defense, but I was just looking forward for the offense coming back onto the field. When they did, they didn't disappoint. Andre Johnson caught a 41 yard pass, the first one of the year. I will talk about that later. Then, on 3rd down, Case completed a pass in the end zone to DeAndre Hopkins. That was the first one in awhile. I will talk about that one later. We went into halftime down 14-10.

Some More Thoughts

We came out in the second half and it seemed like the Chiefs has adjusted to Case, but he was still doing good. He was throwing the ball down the field well, but the line wasn't doing as well. He got sacked a total of 5 or 6 times. He lost the ball on two blind side hits. I think that the Texans, Keenum, and Kubiak all did a bad job of picking up the blitz and Case just didn't have enough opportunities in the second half. The Chiefs did a really good job of making sure the receivers were covered when they blitzed and Case was under much duress in the second half. I think that Gary Kubiak showed why he isn't a good coach in the second half. He can't make adjustments. The offensive line ended the game. Keenum still managed to complete passes and did a good job despite being on the ground half of the time. The defense also did some great things in the second half. Shilo Keo recorded a big interception of Alex Smith, someone who almost never turns the ball over. We also caused Jamaal Charles to fumble, a person who I will get to the subject of later. We finally won the turnover battle, but we gave up 300 yards for the first time in awhile. I think that J.J. Watt did one of the classiest things that any athlete has ever done. After his 4.5 sack of the year, he tipped his cap to Bum Phillips, in one of the most touching gestures by an athlete ever. He showed why is a great representative of class in the NFL. He truly showed me why he is the classiest player in the NFL right now.

A Last Little Bit of Thinking

Another defining moment in the game was the 4th and goal stop. Jonathan Joseph was in coverage and Alex Smith had all day. He came up and forced Smith to make an errant throw. That showed that the red zone defense is trying to take a step in the right direction. It was a great play. The game came down to a last drive with the Texans down by a single point. Case was blitzed from everywhere, and he was stripped and fumbled. The hope of winning deflated from me but I couldn't have been prouder of the way the boys played this weekend. They played a heart-filled game and I was satisfied with the performance by the boys.

A Great Case for my Taste Buds

I know that my readers are chuckling at the heading of this paragraph. I just want to say that I am a little biased toward Case Keenum. He is my all time favorite football player for college. I am a huge Houston and Baylor fan so obviously I love Case Keenum. He plays with a fire and intensity that makes him care, but he stays calm when the fire is thrown at him. I want to analyze some of his plays that showed why he can be the future quarterback of the Texans. He made a throw to Andre Johnson that I just don't see many NFL quarterbacks making. He was under pressure and everyone was covered. Case just hung out in the pocket, constantly evading defenders. He then threw the ball about 50 yards across his body, all the way across the field to an open Andre Johnson. Dang. That was an amazing play. Then, to just prove that it wasn't just a fluke, he plants the football in the corner of the end zone to DeAndre Hopkins. He made a elite throw right there. I just think that he can develop into a great NFL quarterback. I also saw him set up DeVier Posey for the other long pass. He made a perfect throw to get him to turn up field and turn it into a long run. Case Keenum delivered a great game to the Texans. I think that he turn into a great quarterback with the right work ethic and coaching, one of those I think he has. He is set up to be successful.

A Short Paragraph on Jamaal Charles and Brian Cushing

I want to state my opinion on that hit on Brian Cushing. I know that it wasn't a completely dirty hit but he did not have to chop block. Alex Smith was getting close to releasing the ball and he could have hit Cushing a little bit higher. I think that my initial reaction of the hit was a little over the top. Jamaal's hit on Cushing wasn't that bad. It was bad in the fact that the amount of damage he did. Any chance of turning the season around was ruined by the fact that Brian Cushing is gone. I think that that is going to be a huge loss, and I expect the Texans to address the inside linebacker position during the offseason. Now the Jamaal Charles that makes me see him as a borderline dirty player is the hit on J.J. Watt. I think he broke some ribs on that play, but he won't say, or suffered some sort of injury. It was a dirty hit by Charles. Even though Watt's hands were raised to make a deflection, it didn't change how high his hands were. The hit didn't have any impact on the play. It was just a dirty play to bruise up the best defensive player we had left. I really liked Jamaal Charles, but my opinion has changed on him.

12 More Observations of the Texans

1. Gary Kubiak showed why his coaching is not a reflection of the talent we have on this team.

2. Case Keenum didn't just fall over like Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates. He actually tried to get out of the pocket before taking a sack.

3. Case Keenum nearly rushed for a first down. It's been awhile let's just say.

4. Duane Brown was banged up and the entire offensive line played poorly.

5. DeAndre Hopkins was able to beat the Chiefs good pass defense and caught a few good passes.

6. Sam Montgomery, Wille Jefferson and Cierre Wood were recently released. I was shaking my head about Wood because we need another running back.

7. Ben Tate actually broke 4 ribs and is playing through it. Manly effort right there.

8. J.J. Watt finally had a Swatt moment Sunday.

9. The receivers finally are happy that they are catching passes downfield.

10. Arian Foster has not announced a timetable for his return. If teams don't respect the run, Case will be blitzed so much in his (hopefully) next start.

11. Our special teams suck.

12. Shane Lechler was the best addition of the offseason.

I just want to give a round of applause to the Texans. They played their hearts out. If we keep giving efforts like that, we can turn this season around. We have been hit by a few haymakers, but we aren't done yet.

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