Sean Pendergast makes his case for Case

This really should be a fanshot, since it is primarily a link to the article. But I wanted to add some specific quotes. The article is linked here. The article itself consists of links to seven plays from Case that should justify his being named starter against the Colts (and, realistically for the rest of the season or until he shows he's over his head).

Much has been made about Gary's comments yesterday that Schaub is still the starter, and as I commented, that will remain the official line until Matt is "clearly" ready to play. Until then, he will either be inactive (if he is absolutely unable to play) or the backup, if he can play but shouldn't.

Here is Sean's take:

For grins, let's start at a place where we actually take Gary Kubiak at face value in what he's saying above. Let's assume that Case Keenum's 271 yard, catastrophic mistake free performance in Kansas City on Sunday left Kubiak unmoved, and that Matt Schaub's error laden, plodding style is "exactly what this team needs."

Let's assume that Gary Kubiak is perfectly comfortable with Texan fans booing their own starting quarterback out of the building in two weeks, and that he's moderately intrigued by what Reliant Stadium would smell like if it were burned to the ground.

(For the record, I don't believe Kubiak truly thinks that Schaub is the best choice. I think Kubiak deep down knows that the "obvious" decision is to play Case Keenum again on Sunday, November 3. And the week after that, and the week after that. And I think that's what will happen.)

Let's pretend that I'm an attorney and that I have to provide evidence that Case Keenum is the Texans' best option.

And thus we have the premise behind Sean's post. He thinks Gary already knows who his starter against the Colts is going to be.

If you don't wish to read the full article (but do read it), the seven plays he highlights are:

  1. 1st quarter, 11:20 remaining, 1st and 10, incomplete deep pass to Garrett Graham (this is the dropped almost sure touchdown)
  2. 1st quarter, 2:03 remaining, 1st and 10, 42 yard pass and run to DeVier Posey (welcome back DeVier, more of this, please)
  3. 2nd quarter, 15:00 remaining, 3rd and 3, 29 yard deep ball to DeAndre Hopkins for touchdown
  4. 3rd quarter, 15:00 remaining, 1st and 10, Keenum scrambles for 9 yards (have we seen a meaningful scramble from a Texans QB since 80 for 80?)
  5. 3rd quarter, 11:35 remaining, 1st and 10, 29 yard pass and run to Garrett Graham to KC 1 yard line (once again Garrett, you were so close)
  6. 3rd quarter, 6:07 remaining, 1st and 10, 42 yard bomb to Andre Johnson
  7. 4th quarter, 13:38 remaining, 2nd and 10, 35 yard pass to DeAndre Hopkins out of Texans end zone
Most of the videos to these plays have been pulled by YouTube because there's apparently no such thing as fair use.
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