Texans v. Chiefs Snap Count Report - A Pyrrhic Defeat?

Macho Man D.J. Swearinger with his patented flying elbow drop. - Peter Aiken

The Houston Texans gave the Kansas City Chiefs everything they could handle but eventually succumbed by the slimmest of margins with their 17-16 loss at Arrowhead Stadium. The loss also came with a price. Read on to see how the team deployed its roster in last Sunday's game.

In sports and in politics, we often hear about "Pyrrhic victories" -- victories that are so devastating to a cause or group that they end up more damaging overall than helpful. So can last Sunday's clash against the Kansas City Chiefs be classified as a pyrrhic defeat? The loss of Brian Cushing to another leg injury certainly makes it worth considering, especially when we consider how the defense performed last year without Cushing.

Either way, the season can roll on with some semblance of hope and optimism so long as Case Keenum remains the starting quarterback. Despite the injuries (Arian Foster's hamstring and Ben Tate's four ribs included), this game is only classified as Pyrrhic if Kubiak decides that Keenum didn't show enough to remain the starter. If we revert back to the norm of watching Matt Schaub (on a bum ankle now) squirm around in the pocket, last Sunday's defeat will truly be more devastating than helpful.


Name Position O Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
C Keenum QB 56 / 100 0
W Smith G 56 / 100 16
D Brown T 56 / 100 16
D Newton T 41 / 73 16
R Harris T 15/ / 27 16
B Brooks G 56 / 100 16
C Myers C 56 / 100 0
A Johnson WR 55 / 98 0
D Hopkins WR 51 / 91 0
G Graham TE 54 / 96 16
A Foster RB 7 / 12 0
B Tate RB 42 / 75 0
G Jones FB 11 / 20 16
L Jean WR 33 / 59 16
K Martin WR 0 / 0 12
D Posey WR 11 / 20 36
R Griffin TE 16 / 29 88
B Jones CB 0 / 0 32

The weekly carousel at WR3 continues with Lestar Jean getting the bulk of the snaps and catching two passes for 21 yards. DeVier Posey also notched a 42-yard catch-and-run on a slant route. Both received two targets. If Keenum remains the starter, I would love to see more of the youngsters get involved.

The rotation at right tackle continues with Derek Newton and Ryan Harris. Haven't looked at the "film" yet, but at least two of Kansas City's five sacks were caused by Keenum holding on to the ball too long. He has to adjust his inner clock.


Name Position D Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
W Mercilus LB 68 / 100 12
K Jackson CB 56 / 82 12
B Reed LB 68 / 100 12
J Watt DE 63 / 93 12
J Joseph CB 62 / 91 0
E Reed FS 54 / 79 0
S Keo FS 26 / 38 84
B Cushing LB 41 / 60 8
A Smith DE 57 / 84 12
J Crick DE 10 / 15 28
B McCain CB 27 / 40 36
D Swearinger DB 58 / 85 40
J Mays LB 53 / 78 12
D Sharpton LB 36 / 53 4
E Mitchell NT 39 / 57 4
T McClain DT 16 / 24 8
M Mohamed LB 1 / 2 72
J Tuggle LB 5 / 7 72
E Pleasant DB 72
B Braman LB 72
B Harris CB 3 / 4 36
E Mack CB 68

With three roster spots newly available, it'll be interesting to see where Smithiak decides to bolster the roster. Obviously a new running back is needed. How about a third pass rusher at outside linebacker? Or more depth at... anywhere, really. At this point of the season, any additions to the roster will get little playing time at best.

And howz about Shiloh Keo getting an interception? A diving, hands-catch interception at that? Give the dude some love and check out the video here.

These are just a few of my thoughts. Let us hear yours while I start diving into the coach's film. Happy Tuesday.

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