The Newest BRB Writer

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

Today I was truly humbled to accept an invitation to join the staff writers here at Battle Red Blog. Most of you are familiar with me, but I'll offer up a bit of a biography and review to add some fluff to an otherwise very unusual bye week for the Texans. By the time you finish reading this, I will hopefully have worked up enough nerve (and consumed enough alcohol) to prepare for the rights of passage as the latest "cabin boy" on the BRB ship. In other words, a sponge bath for BFD followed by a flogging of the rookie. Perhaps he'd go for a treasure bath instead...

What is it with October?

It was October 19th, 2010 and the Texans were 4-2 heading into the bye week after having defeated the Chiefs 35-31. I had spent most of the season at that point with a cautious eye on the Texans thinking something just wasn't right about the team. They were winning games, but there were serious flaws starting to show. In my quest for information and questions to satisfy my suspicions, I discovered Battle Red Blog and SB Nation. What a refreshing experience to read quality articles, and share real time thoughts with so many Texans fans.

Unfortunately, our worst fears were realized that season as the Texans went on to a four game losing streak, won a shutout game against the Titans, then another four game losing streak, and then beat the Jaguars to finish the season 6-10. Being here with many of you was at least somewhat comforting that I wasn't alone in the man cave drowning my anger and frustration, and destroying flat screen TVs.

In a rush to create an account name to join in the discussions back then, I chose "MeMongo" as a tribute to one of my favorite characters from the movie Blazing Saddles, and also a former NFL player, Alex Karras, who was cast in that role of Mongo. In October of 2012, Alex Karras died. With sadness and great respect, I retired the MeMongo account after 7,133 posts. The goal was always quality over quantity, and mostly filled with odd humorous Photoshop edited contributions.

I created the "Capt Ron" account because I wanted to at least include my real name "Ron" to be more familiar with friends here, and also to continue to properly represent my persistent sense of humor. That movie starring Kurt Russell and Martin Short was mostly terrible, but it had some funny moments and fit the bill for a new blog handle.

Well, here we are in October again. This time the Texans are 2-4 heading into the bye week after having lost to the Chiefs 17-16, and we are yet again pondering the fate of our favorite NFL team. The inverse record, same opponent, and opposite outcome have me convinced wormholes do in fact exist in some form if nothing other than to just test our pattern recognition abilities. On further review, it's probably just the universe mocking us isn't it?


So who am I? Awe shucks, I'm just a simple man who loves the Texans. I have a wonderful wife, terrific kids, a mostly rewarding career, good health and a loyal dog. I played football, would love to coach it some day, and really enjoy blogging with like minded fans. I prefer to balance technical and statistical discussions along with bits of humor that engage readers and make folks laugh to enhance their celebrations or relieve their misery, whichever the case might be at the time.

I hope to entertain and inform regularly, and always with respect. Healthy debates can be good as there are always different angles to consider with the crazy world of the NFL and our beloved Houston football team.

See you all around the BRB ship. Go Texans!

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