Week Seven Thingy - Depression Sets in

My thingies have still yet to be given a real name, and maybe they don't really deserve one. I don't have a common theme and all I do really is ponder and pontificate upon what happened in the last game.

This week's thingy may be devoid of any facts, as my source of facts upon which I rely, is still yet to be published, probably because of the bye week. Or else the Texans' staff is so downtrodden that they cannot even manage to publish their regular weekly documents.

I don't blame them, I heard Dillo even got a bit depressed:



The Texans roster has been decimated by injury and player cuts. This is not a weekly occurrence for any team in the NFL.

I will without further delay, try to make a decent thingy this week, and I hope it is at least mildly entertaining.


Number of touchdowns scored by either team the second half. I get frustrated with the long drives allowed by the Texans defense, but those saying the defense sucks are looking at it through some really warped and foggy glasses.

This is also the number of interceptions thrown by Case Keenum in his 1st ever NFL start.

This is also the number of Touchdown passes thrown by Alex Smith in the game.

This is also the number of field goals missed by Beercan Bullock.


Number of sacks each by Earl MF Mitchell and JJ Watt.


Average return yards for Quinton Demps


Case Keenum's lifetime career NFL passer rating.

Luv Ya Bum- R.I.P Bum Phillips



Rules and Stuff

There was quite a bit of discussion about hitting a quarterback below the knees last game. Here is the rule from the NFL Rulebook:

No defensive player who has an unrestricted path to the quarterback may hit him flagrantly in the area of the knee(s) or below when approaching in any direction.

There is no mention of having released the ball or not.

In the things I will never understand category -

I never have figured out why the "H" is silent when you pronounce the city of Humble. What makes it more confusing, is the Oil Company that was named for said town, Humble Oil and Refining Company, always pronounced the "H."

Also, why did Case not throw a quick pass the second half against the exact same blitz that was run in the first half on the pass to Posey? I don't understand it.

Also, how does Derek Newton hold a roster spot, much less start on this team.

And of course, Joe Marciano

Speaking of:

by Huggybear713

I want to see Marciano


Out of a cannon.

Into the sun.

Venn Diagram of the Week:

Ok - just one more:

Speaking of Jefferson, random wisdom from Jefferson

A Flashback from the pre-season (some stuff never changes)

A flashback from 2010:

MSPaint Stuart Scott

Because I want to.

Everyone stay safe this week!

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