Well this sucks.

Prepare yourself. This is the somewhat personal intro before we get into the actual meat and veg of this.

Okay so I missed the game last night because I had college this morning and getting up a 7am to get a hour long bus ride into college isn't really something I excel in. So I went to sleep around midnight and woke up around 5 hours later 2 hours before I needed too. Now there was two things I could have done in this situation. I could have gone back to sleep and risked waking up late and missing my bus or I could just lie in my bed and pass the next two hours by not sleeping. It's a horrible feeling. It's a sort of restlessness you can't shake off. Plus it's hardly like I could get up and start making breakfast or anything. It's 5am and there are two other people sleeping in the house. So 7am rolls around I get up get ready quickly so I have some time to quickly boot up my PC and check the result. First thing I get when log in to my account is skype automatically opening up and my friend who's a 49ers fan has left me a message saying ''GG''. I quickly opened up Google Chrome and loaded First off the Chargers vs Raiders game was still going, but I had no interest in that right then. I scanned quickly above on the scoreboard and I saw it.

I'll be honest it took a minute to register how little we had actually scored. I clicked on the box scores just to see how bad it was. Meanwhile I was still chatting on Skype with my Niners friend. This little snippet from our conversation accurately depicts the moment the true fuck-up-ery dawned on me. I didn't get to browse and look further into what actually happened due to having to go to catch my bus. My day didn't get any better from there. I was then blessed with a bout of Montezuma's revenge during my first lecture. Needless to say this was not an enjoyable experience on any part. Didn't help that for most of my lecture it felt like something was about to explode the pressure was that great.

Now this is the part where I relate something I have mentioned in the previous two paragraph's to something Texans related. My first instinct was to compare our performance last night to what was left in the toilet after I had finished with it. But that seemed too easy. Instead I like to think of it like this. Much like me holding it in during my lecture the Texans are holding onto Schaub and Kubiak, where instead while it might seem uncomfortable and painful it's ultimately best if we just undo our trousers and just let go.

Most of us at this stage are probably just moving past the ''Pitchfork'' stage of this experience and are probably dwelling on the question ''What next?''. The obvious answer would seem to be ''Sack Schaub and Kubes'' . While these are probably the two best answers any of us can give at this point I'm more curious as what we are going to do now that this has all happened.

But before that let me just say something really quickly. I was sold on Matt Schaub last season when he started laying deuces towards the end of the season and then underperformed during the playoffs. The only thing that provided me with some sort of optimism towards a better finish to this season than the last one was that all other aspects of our team would improve to such a point that Schaub's flaws would be cancelled out(Quite like the way the Niners have managed to live solely on the stingyness of their defense and the dominance of their running game). I thought maybe some of the rookies we had drafted to plug up the gaping hole that's seemed to engulf the right side our offensive line for the past two seasons. I thought with an actual FB we could begin to establish a dominance in the run game similar to when we had Vonta Leach and to a lesser degree Lawrence Vickers. Arian Foster and Ben Tate would become that one-two punch that had made us so feared a few years ago.

I thought Ed Reed would provide us with a much needed ball hawk in the secondary that would make us more formidable against the pass heavy offenses of the Colts, Pats and Broncos. I thought the return of Brian Cushing would solve the horrific issues we had at MLB(However as we saw with Seattle last week his absences only seems to emphasize the point further on how truly weak we are at that position). Obviously we still need more time on the Ed Reed one but apart from that I think it's safe to say I've been a wee bit let down.

For me I am pissed off we've not fixed any of these problems over the past two or 3 seasons. I'm also pissed off that it's finally to come to the fore that we've still got issues to work out. It pisses me off that exceptionally talented guys like Watt, Dre, DDre, Brown, Cush and Foster have got to suffer for the incompetence. That pisses me off most about this situation.

Before I go I want to ask two questions. First. Do you guys think we've over inflated our expectations of this team for the past few years? I mean can we truly say we are a good football team when over the past 2 season's we've lost to the Saints, Packers, Niners, Seahawks, Pats x2 not to mention losing to a worse version of the Ravens, that we beat down in Houston a year previous. Also before someone trots out the victory in Denver as an example of us beating a really good team look at Peyton Manning's numbers Over those first 3 games and compare them to the next 3. But going back to my point maybe we've given a little bit too much credit for beating the Bengals who were being lead by the Ginger Matt Schaub. Oh and for those who will pull out the T.J Yates game as an example. Dalton had 3 picks in that game. So ask yourself. Have we been a little bit too easy on this team?

Also, I'm not sure about you guys but i'm less enthused about the prospect of having Wade Phillips as a Head Coach again. I know the Lolboys were a train wreck but I like him more on defense than anywhere else. But there's no indication that Wade could stay on as DC if we get a new HC. That's just me though. I'm interested to see if Rick Smith's actually going to fire Kubiak and who he'll choose as the replacement and how he'll change the teams concepts on both offense and defense. That's what's got me most excited.


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