A Kid's Perspective: Power Rankings

Hey Battle Red Blog! (Hey I changed it this time.) I am a kid, coming at you with my week 6 power rankings. I think that there have been some drastic changes after week 5, so I am going to rank every team going into week 6.

32-Jacksonville Jaguars- These guys are a mess. I think that Blaine Gabbert is worse than our quarterback, the title only about 5 other quarterbacks in this league hold right now. I think that MJD is on the end of the back end of his career. I think that it is obvious that they are the worst, and there is a strong possibility that they will go 1-15.

31-Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I think that this team is a mess as well. I think that their quarterback situation is not good with Mike Glennon at the helm. I think that a bright spot is the defense that will help them compete against other bad teams. However, I just don't think that they are very good. They are going to have a top 5 pick next year to look forward to.

30-New York Giants- These guys have a quarterback that is being shadowed around the NFL by Matt Schaub even though he has been worse than him. I think that this team is in disarray and Tom Coughlin will be gone soon. I think that their receiving corp is good but they have nothing besides that.

29-Pittsburgh Steelers- I think that like the Giants, these guys can be good, they just haven't put anything together. I think that the absence of a good running back, receivers besides Antonio Brown, and a good defense is killing the Steelers. I think that the issues are just too big right now for the Steelers to bounce back from.

28-Washington Redskins- I think that the fall of RGIII may be coming. It is obvious that he just isn't comfortable with his knee and that may haunt him. I think that he just isn't the same RGIII and is getting a bad case of a sophomore slump. I think that the defense isn't good either. I think they need to resolve some issues before making a run into contention.

27-Carolina Panthers- I think that if you can't score many points on Arizona, your offense isn't good. I think the offense for Carolina needs a face lift, starting with the removal of Cam Newton as quarterback. I think that he just needs a change of scenery in order to go back to his rookie form. The Panthers have a lot of work to do before being good again.

26-Minnesota Vikings- I think that this offense is in a dismal state right now. I think that they don't have any quarterbacks on this roster that can do anything to help this team, but Josh Freeman might help AP. If AP can get a quarterback that can throw, he will be a great running back. I think that the Vikings can get to the top again with a good quarterback.

25-Buffalo Bills-I think that starting an undrafted rookie quarterback is bad news for any NFL team. I think that this team can be good, and fast but it is all reliant on E.J. Manuel's health. I think that they made a great choice in drafting him, but it is only a good pick if he is healthy. I think that Kiko Alonso has been a very bright spot for this team, and will be defensive rookie of the year. He is the next great middle linebacker.

24-Oakland Raiders- I think this is another team that is only as good as the health of its quarterback. They showed last night that they can be a good team, but it won't mean anything if Terrell Pryor isn't healthy. I think that the defense isn't bad, but not great. I think that Pryor is like Michael Vick, only as good as his health.

23-Cleveland Browns-Just as things are looking good for the Browns, it suddenly seems as if it might be over for the Browns. The viable backup in Brian Hoyer is gone and we are back to Brandon Weeden. I think that this team is going to stay afloat with their very good defense. I think that the Browns were going to contend until Brian Hoyer got hurt. Now they will compete, but they won't do anything.

22- Philadelphia Eagles- I think that Nick Foles is good, but isn't in the right offense in Philadelphia. They are going to have to make it work though and he will start week 6 for the Eagles. I think that they just aren't as good without Michael Vick. They are working to become great, but for now, they are mediocre.

21-New York Jets- Now I may get some hatred for putting the Jets higher than the Eagles, but this is a decent team. They may not be contenders but they have a bright future. They can finally play a little bit. I think that Geno Smith is good as long as he is making good decisions. I think that they have a decent defense and something to look forward to in New York.

20- St. Louis Rams- I think that this team is very mediocre. They just don't have the pieces to be good, but they aren't bad. I think that Sam Bradford is an okay quarterback, but he isn't a superstar. I think that they have a good defense, but they aren't great. This team is just mediocre.

19- San Diego Chargers- I think that this is another team that is as good as their quarterback. I think that when Rivers is making good choices with the ball, this offense is very good. I think that the defense isn't great, but viable. I think that this team is as good as Phillip Rivers.

18- Arizona Cardinals- I think that the Cardinal defense is legit. I think that Patrick Peterson is the real deal and they shut down an okay Panthers offense. I think that they are a good team with a weak offense. I think this team could really throw the ball if they could run it. I think that they have a bright future, but are missing a few pieces right now.

17- Houston Texans- This is where we come into this mix. I think that this team can move into the top ten in two weeks, but they can fall into the bottom five that fast as well. I think that this defense is stout, the run game is solid, with the exception of Ben Tate's fumbles. I think that the offense is good, but can't do anything if Matt Schaub continues on the path to the Texans destruction. We have given this guy a opportunity to large for him to blow it. I think that the Texans can beat anyone depending on the play of Matt Schaub.

16- Detroit Lions- Some major flaws were found in the Detroit Lions offense last Sunday. I think that the absence of Calvin Johnson is huge for the Lions offense. They need the threat of him in the offense. I think that the defense is going to have to step it up. Even though they have created some turnovers, they have given up a lot of points. The health of Calvin Johnson is vital to the success of the Lions.

15- Miami Dolphins- The Dolphins suffered a heartbreaking loss this past Sunday to the Baltimore Ravens at home. It showed that the offense falters when playing a good defense. I think the defense kept them in the game, and that game could have gone either way. I think this team is a year away from contention.

14-Atlanta Falcons- This team is very similar to the Texans. It is a team that has been largely overprojected this year. I think that they just aren't that good. I think that this team won't do anything unless they catch fire at the end of the year. I think that Matt Ryan needs his weapons, and when they get healthy, they will be better. Maybe next year Atlanta.

13- Tennessee Titans- I think that this team will survive without Jake Locker by their defense. I think they won't completely collapse but will fall. I think the difference between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Locker is that Locker protects the ball better than Fitzpatrick. I think the defense will keep this team in contention, and could quietly contend for a playoff spot.

12- Dallas Cowboys- I think that Tony Romo played excellent Sunday. However, he was opposing the best offense in football. I think that there were many bright spots for the Cowboys, one of them the emergence of Terrance Williams. I think that the defense needs to get cleaned up, but the Cowboys will be very good the rest of this year.

11- Cincinnati Bengals- I have no idea what has happened to the Bengals offense. I think that A.J. Green has been shut down lately, and Andy Dalton is having trouble making plays with other targets. I think this defense is very good. I respect anyone who can keep Tom Brady from leading an offensive drive into the end zone. I think that the Bengals have some offensive issues they need to solve in order to contend for a super bowl this year.

10- New England Patriots- I think that 4-1 is a respectable mark. I think that this team is good, but I think that they have a misfit bunch of receivers. I think that this team isn't Brady's best team, but the name Tom Brady is respectable.

9-Chicago Bears- I think that we could be talking about the Bears could have beaten the Saints if they could have shut down the Saints running backs out of the backfield, and the offsides play. Jay Cutler showed off his newest weapon, and the offense looked pretty good even though they scored 18 points.

8- Baltimore Ravens- I think that this team is being held back by Joe Flacco's turnovers. I think this defense hasn't lost a step. I think that they are very good. I think that Ray Rice has been off with this whole offense. I think they are good, but they have issues. I still think that they can be good because of their offense.

7-Green Bay Packers- I think the offense looked better last week and the defense also was good. The Packers showed they can make adjustments, and the bye week seems to be very beneficial to the Pack. I think the loss of Clay Matthews hurts, but they can overcome it.

6- San Francisco 49ers- The 49ers really haven't earned anything this year except the win against the Packers. I think the Texans gave them the game Sunday, and they didn't even have to really do anything. I think that the defense is good, but the offense has not had to do anything the past 2 weeks. Their next test is against the Titans, but the 49ers could reel off 5 or 6 wins in a row due to their easy schedule coming up.

5- Indianapolis Colts- I think that the Colts are the real deal, and they are taking over the division. I think that we have enjoyed our two year reign, but Andrew Luck is showing why the Colts can be a winning team. They have been making the right plays in crunch time, and have earned my respect. As much as I hate them, the Colts are legit.

4-Seattle Seahawks- Even though the Seahawks blew it late, they have played really good this year. I think the Seahawks have been good, and will continue to be good for the rest of the year. I think they will bounce back from this loss easily, and be great for the rest of the year.

3- Kansas City Cheifs- I think that the Chiefs are legit this year. I think that they have a quarterback and coach to guide this team. Dontari Poe has made Tamba Hali and Justin Houston better. I think that Jamaal Charles has been good and is having a very good season, but quietly. I think that the 5-0 Chiefs are finding ways to win football games, and are real contenders for the rest of the year.

2- Denver Broncos- Now you might be thinking, wait the Broncos are the best. This is my opinion, and I think that the Broncos defense isn't very good. Now I don't think that they need a great defense, but they are going to need it when Peyton Manning plays in cold weather. Von Miller's problems are not going to immediately solve the problems of a defense that just gave up 48 points, and a 500 yard passing game.

1- New Orleans Saints- I think this is the most complete team in the NFL. I think that Jimmy Graham is a beast and Drew Brees isn't just making plays with just him, he's doing it with everyone. On Sunday he made Pierre Thomas into a weekly legend and lead his team to victory. I think Rob Ryan has this defense playing well, and this team is unstoppable for the moment. I think eventually they will be unseated by the Broncos, but let's give them their moment to be number one right now. After all, this is the week 6 power rankings. I think that Sean Payton has this team playing better than any team in the NFL right now.

Thanks for reading! If you disagree with me, tell me about it in the comments. I want to hear your opinion about my writing. This is a kid, with his perspective, bringing it to you on Battle Red Blog.

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