Week Five Thingy

Just so you know just how bad my last couple of days have been, I spent many hours laboring over my car changing the intake manifold. Now the job is not all that complicated, but for some reason a left handed engineer (this is not any kind of code for anything - I believe left handed engineers are determined to get back at the rest of the world) decided to have one bracket that is nearly impossible to remove and re-install. I know that 65% of my time working on this project was spent on that one bracket. By the way the job turned out just fine, however as an old guy that cannot do Yoga moves to loosen said bracket I am still in pain as I write this. To top it off, my wife's car's cooling fan decided to quit working. No one had one in stock so I get to play the waiting game of having one ordered.

This all after the Sunday nighmare game we watched.

Anyway, that frustration is likely nothing like that of some of the Texans players. So here to this week's "Thingy"

Before our game I saw these comments said about the Browns Special Teams:

Antho10000: If only we had Special Teams like that....

The Night Owl: I can't believe I'm jealous of the Browns

But I'm sure we'd kill to have a special teams unit like theirs

A quote after the game:

What did you tell the team afterwards? (Asking Coach Kubiak)

"Just - it's got to be rock bottom. The sad thing is, it looked the same. It's been heading in that direction from the standpoint of us turning the ball over and getting in those situations as a football team that we can't dig ourselves out of. It's got to stop. Hell, it has to. There's no way you can win in this league helping people out. "

Just because:

by OneManBlitz :

I just want to be included in the BRB story that shows snippets of gameday thread posts

Do I send $5 to someone, or just lift my shirt and show what I got going on under the hood Mardi Gras style? How do I get included on that story?

(note: no $5 was received by me)


number of questions about the pick six in the after game presser


Passes thrown by Texans QBs


Number of times Shane Lechler punted the ball (for a 50.3 yard average)


Also number of Tackles by JJ Watt, Tackles for Loss by JJ Watt and QB hits By JJ Watt


Number of Sacks by the Texans


Number of pass completions by Kaepernick , Also number of times Kaepernick was sacked (1) and hit (5), and number of tackles for loss by the Texans defense.


Turnover ratio for the Texans so far this season. This is worse than horrible.

FYI Myers bad snap to Yates is ruled a fumble on his part.

Seriously - at what point do you realize that doing the same thing over and over expecting different results quits happening? I know there are several movie examples to disprove me (Karate Kid comes to mind)

This week's Venn Diagram

(though not totally accurate - just go with it)



One Pot Recipe

4 Skinless boneless Chicken Brest halves

2 TBsp Butter

2 cans condensed cream of chicken soup

1 onion diced

2 "cans" of buscuits

Place chicken, butter, soup, and onion in a slow cooker and just cover with water (Again you can use a covered pot on the stove, just adjust the heat accordingling)

Cook 5-6 hrs on high, about 30 minutes before serving, tear up the biscuit dough from the cans into chunks and throw them into the cooker. Cook until dough is done (usually about 20-30 minutes)

This makes a tasty Chicken and dumplings. I have often used other variations of chicken, if you use some that has bones, just do the same thing, but fish out the bones with a slotted spoon or something similar before adding the dough.

When even bleach cannot help you...




Whatever you do - Stay safe!

Week Four Thingy

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