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Who stays and who goes for 2014? - Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans season barely got the wheels off the runway before nose-diving and bursting into flames. Looking at the current state of our beloved Texans, here are the moves I would like to see before we kick off the 2014 season.


Rick Smith stays. He is widely regarded as a top 5 GM in league. The discussion should basically end there.


Everyone out. As much as I hate to "fire" Wade, I think we are starting to see a pattern of our defense failing to adjust during the course of a game. Plus, he sounded like a guy that would expect the head coaching job here if Kubiak left when he had his press conference last week. At this point, I don't think there is any reason to consider keeping Kubiak. Results-based evaluation can be unfair if only given a small window of time to make changes. However, with the time McNair has given Gary, there is no excuse for a season like this.

My ideal candidate to replace Kubiak would be Art Briles. Briles is an offensive mastermind that is known for bringing programs like the Houston Cougars and Baylor Bears out of obscurity and into the national spotlight. Aside from being an outstanding football coach, Briles has a keen eye for QB talent. He has recruited 2 Heisman hopefuls (Keenum, Petty) a Heisman winner (RG3) and has a knack for molding his offense to best fit his team's strengths. Here is a link to an outstanding interview with Briles, by SB Nation's Spencer Hall. It has a lot of great background on Briles and it talks about how he has adapted his already potent offense as the years go on and his talent strengths change. There are risks that come with bringing in a college coach, but there are also risks in bringing in a coordinator that has never been a HC before. Some people want Sumlin, but at least Briles proved that he cares about defense this season and he has had a longer tenure as a successful head coach than Sumlin, as well.


(This draft plan is based on Briles not targeting a QB in the top 2 rounds.)

First round- Jadaveon Clowney/Anthony Barr OLB
Brooks just isn't very good at rushing the passer. Plus, he only has one year left on his deal and we have zero depth at the most important position in a 3-4 defense. Once again, we are in a position where we need to build our team to beat the Colts and we saw in the first half last week that if you get after Andre Luck, you can shut him down. If you have a shot at adding one of these two guys you can't pass it up.

Second Round - Justin Gilbert CB
We are thin @ CB with no real answer at the slot right now. Cornerback is a position that takes time to develop in the NFL and Kareem is going into the last year of his deal. Draft a guy like Gilbert who has good size and KR/PR ability to see time in the slot next year and give us options when Kareem's deal ends. Maybe we cut JJo and re-sign Kareem to a more reasonable deal or let KJax walk and keep JJo through the remainder of his deal. Either way, drafting a cornerback now is a must, since there is always a learning curve.

Third Round - Best QB/OT available.
I am of the belief that even though we all hope Brennan Williams is the answer at RT, there is just too many question marks to put all our eggs into his basket. Coming off a serious injury with no real experience, Williams is a gigantic wild card. It's too important of a position to neglect and quality OT depth is NEVER a bad thing. Also, there could be a QB here worth taking to challenge Keenum and to add depth to another important position that has been depleted. Guys like Stephen Morris and Derek Carr could still be within reach at this point and if Briles wanted them, I want them.


CUT: Matt Schaub, Brice McCain, Ed Reed, Derek Newton.
SAY GOODBYE TO: Antonio Smith, Wade Smith, Ben Tate, Daryl Sharpton,
CONSIDER CUTTING/Trading: Owen Daniels, Daniel Manning. It really sucks bc these are our most tradable assets and they are both on IR, which basically ruins their value. However, if you can re-sign Garrett Graham to a team friendly deal, it may be time to part with OD and his salary. With Manning, the way Swearinger has been playing could result in the team cutting ties with Manning in the offseason.
TARGET: ILB (Daryl Smith, please), NT, DE.

Well, those are a few moves I would like to see from our squad once the season wraps up. What do you guys think?

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