The Week Ten Thingy (Subtitles not included)

I t will not look like it, but I have been looking at my thingy this week for hours. I have been trying to show inspiration and humor, and ... nothing. I have been struggling to find both positivity (I know that probably isn't a real word) and humor in all that has happened this past week. The losses keep piling and the Bamboozling seems to have run its course. I have had no big deals happen this week, but sometimes the little joys make life what it is.

Very Little Quarterback Talk:

All three of Keenum's sacks came against five or more rushers, his touchdown pass to Griffin came in such a situation, Keenum completed only 6 of 19 passes against five or more rushers. He was off target on 21% for 2.4 yards per attempt. The kid needs to learn to read blitzes fast because everyone will blitz him.

Keenum was 16 of 24 ,6.5 ypa against 4 or less rushers.

Keenum's first-half passer rating was 101.3, which is very good. He ended up with a 87.5 passer rating. Anyone that watched could see the difference.


So, I was thinking, if Kubiak would have pulled Schaub sooner in the season… would it have made a difference? This is just a question to swill about in my mind on whether or not it would have made a difference. After having watched the Cardinals game – I am not sure it would have mattered.

Just for information, I thought Kubiak was going to pull Schaub after the 4th game. He waited until he got injured instead.

Where am I on the Kubiak train? Well, I am not on his train. I like him as a coach, and I like what he brings to the Texans. What I think will happen is that they let him ride out his contract (1 more year) and then make the decision. Is this year a dumpster fire? Yes.

justification to fire him? Yes. The question is – do you want to do that now, and who do you replace him with at this time?

An Interesting Tweet

I find it interesting, in light of that statement, that the Texans got so few sacks. I have been perplexed by this all year, and I really do not have an answer.


The Most Combined Tackles by any Texan so far this year and happens to be by a player that has not been on the field for 3+ games - Brian Cushing


Number of TD passes I have counted given up by Brice McCain (Someone with access to advanced statistics can confirm or deny this) but he does have 2 "passes defensed" this season


Number of QB hits/hurries the Texans had in the game against Carson Palmer

Because a Pizza Vending Machine is cool

An "ill-advised" throw.

Is what got Andre Johnson his second Touchdown reception. It was one of the greatest sights to behold.

Sorry there is no power rankings this week - I would have never got this thing posted, as I still haven't found what I am looking for in these.

Here is the link to the Fire Marciano Petition (no politics) (courtesy of Travis Roggatz

It is filed under the category of "human rights"

Random Venn Diagram

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